The Sheraton Imperial KL: A 5* oasis of relaxation, high class dining and jaw dropping views!

Heading back to KL this time to celebrate my birthday (the second I would be spending abroad!) it was time for something special. We were warmly greeted on our arrival and swiftly entered into the world of complete luxury; Swimming in the shadow of the KL tower,  tucking into my personalised birthday cake in our 37th floor room overlooking a stunning panoramic of the city before indulging in some fine Italian cuisine. I can think of worse ways to celebrate turning another year older!

Taking in a stunning view of KL from the club floor

KL is a mega metropolis, a city best admired from above so you can truly take in the sheer size and scale of this amazing capital. So where best than to base yourself up in the clouds on the club level 37th floor of the Sheraton Imperial. Up here you will wake up to that jaw dropping view in the morning and fall asleep with the twinkling lights in the evenings.

As club level members you will also have access to the exclusive lounge on the top floor of the hotel, up here you can relax with unlimited tea, coffee and juice during the day as you take it all in, or socialise in the evening with complementary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. It really is a stunning hotel to spend your time in, from the slick interior to the impressive views, The Sheraton Imperial KL has it all.

A stunning and historic oasis in the middle of this busy city

KL is a city we fell in love with, staring up at the mesmerizing Petronas towers was something we had dreamt of for many years. However it can be hot, humid and busy as most large Asian cities inevitably are. A day pounding the tourist trails and taking in all this magnificent city has to offer is sure to make you feel beat at the end of the day. So retiring to the oasis of the Sheraton Imperial KL is absolute bliss, walking into the gently air conditioned marble entrance hall before sinking into one of the most comfortable beds in the world…whilst taking in that view. What could beat that?

If you really want some extra TLC then you can head over to the spa and gym. Work off those extra pounds you will have no doubt put on indulging in the culinary expertise of the hotels many expert chefs. You can hit the treadmill or get on the weights in this air conditioned gym before crossing over to the spa for some relaxation treatment to soothe those aching muscles, cure that nagging jetlag or just give yourself a little treat!

Bathe in the pool overlooking the KL tower as you kick back and relax

KL is hot, take a walk on the street in the middle of the day and you will be overcome with the humidity. It’s on these days that really all you want to do is relax by a pool and cool off. Here at the Sheraton they have the most wonderful rooftop pool, surrounded by palm trees and lovely shaded loungers you can sit back in the sun or take a dip whilst overlooking the iconic KL tower. Now that’s a location to be envious of! Staying in a 5* hotel of such stature as The Sheraton Imperial KL you come to expect the sort of luxury and relaxation that this position affords, but laying back here and soaking it all in is absolute heaven!

The perfect location to explore KL

The Sheraton Imperial KL is a stones throw from the quick and efficient monorail that connects with the entire city network of trails, buses and light railway. From here it is easy to get to anywhere in KL and simple to connect to the airport lines also, which we did the morning of our flight out to Borneo! The Sheraton Imperial also sits in a classy but lively area of the city, surrounded by highrises and top quality malls you can shop until you drop literally just across the street from the hotel doors.

However this area still retains its traditional charms with many local places to eat and old Chinese Merchant shop fronts dotted between the new mega structures, it really is a patchwork example of the different cultures and influences of modern day KL. But that’s if you can peel yourself away from the pool, spa and many restaurants!

With so many options for food you would be forgiven for never leaving the hotel, we gave two a go:

Villa Danieli: The stunning slice of authentic Italian cuisine

When we heard that the Sheraton Imperial KL had its own onsite Italian restaurant we were delighted, we love food from all over the world but there is just something about the combination of flavours of Italian cuisine that you can’t beat. Here on the rooftop across from the pool area they have designed and built a free-standing trattoria, styled after a rustic country home that makes you instantly feel like you have stepped into the old country! 

We were delighted to find that they had a great vegetarian selection on offer here and also the executive chefs are able to make many other dishes tailored to your personal dietary requirements and still produce food to the same mouth watering standards. Villa Danieli doesn’t fail to produce that heartwarmingly rustic Italian essence whilst elevating this classic style of cooking into an art form.

We opted for Antipasti Burrata to start with, a classic example of how the simplicity of ingredient within Italian cuisine combine to create incredible flavours that combine with freshness, the creaminess of the mozzarella alongside the ripe tomatoes and sharp balsamic dressing is a perfect beginning. Moving on to the main course we couldn’t resist the Vegetable Lasagne, a favourite of mine and one I have enjoyed many times back in Italy. This incarnation was an absolute delight for the tastebuds, combining roasted vegetables with a tangy and herb infused sauce over the fresh pasta sheets.

Celestial Court: High class Chinese with a modern twist

After spending 5 weeks travelling through China late last year and having been a fan of the cuisine for many years we are well rehearsed on the Cantonese flavours and offerings. Entering into the grand setting of Celestial court within the Sheraton Imperial KL it is clear to see straight away that their aim is to take Chinese cooking and elevate it into fine dining.

Our server directed us towards the new organic vegetarian menu created with those of us who prefer not to eat meat in mind and also the more health conscious. Chinese food by nature is very much meat based and so the challenge here is to recreate those famous flavours with a vegetarian selection. The executive chef here has done a marvellous job of sourcing various exciting and innovative ingredients to create fresh, new and delicious dishes that hit every mark on taste, style and tradition.

We were treated to a wide selection of tasters from the new menu including the Egg rolls with pumpkin floss, vegetables and wasabi mayo that came together perfectly to produce a new take on this classic Chinese dish. The vegetable miso soup with mushrooms, radishes and bean curd provides a refreshing accompaniment that took us right back to our Japanese honeymoon! Our favourite dish however had to be the deep fried pumpkin bean curd with Thai chilli sauce. Thai cuisine is up there with our favourites and these delighted us in their authentic flavour and yet innovative style. To finish off we indulged in some melt in the mouth avocado ice cream, an ingredient that had well earned its popularity and a perfect end to a wonderful meal.

Have you ever stayed in such a wonderful and inspiring setting?

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Sam sandy
5 years ago

Very nice pictures taken and thanks for post.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sam sandy

Thank you!

5 years ago

Loved Sheraton Imperial KL – My article comes out next week too. Glad to hear you enjoyed the high life just as much as we did xoxo

5 years ago

10 thumbs up guys LOL. Amazing. We love KL by itself, even staying in a higher class but not too snazzy spot. Closest thing would be a Novatel we enjoyed during a layover in Taipei. On the way to Bali. Airline put us up for a 24 hour layover. Amazing spot. The breakfast buffet was like 100 plus selections, a huge ballroom with Western and Eastern foods for brekky, lunch or dinner. Not seen anything like it.


5 years ago
Reply to  Ryan Biddulph

Thanks Ryan, yeah it’s always nice to stay somewhere like this for a short time, the food on offer was just amazing. KL is also a great city too.