Experiencing the unique culture of Borneo up close and personal at the Mari Mari culture village. Plus, Where to stay in Kota Kinabalu!

When we decided to head over to Borneo, specifically the Malaysian side, we were keen to take the opportunity to soak in all this magnificent and mysterious island had to offer and especially to visit a Borneo cultural village. From trekking through the jungle in search of endangered animals to embracing the rich tribal culture of

Backpacking tips – Advice and checklist for getting ready for your first time!

With our first backpacking stint having begun just over a week ago we thought we would share with you a check list we made when we were organising our trip. Backpacking for the first time can be an intimidating prospect and despite all our excitement we were also often overcome with what we needed to

Ayutthaya Thailand: The lost world of ancient Thailand & a treasure trove of temples

Ayutthaya Thailand is the one time ancient capital of the Siam, the precursor to the modern-day kingdom of Thailand. Founded in 1350 it is Thailand’s answer to Angkor Wat or Bagan, a huge complex of crumbling ancient temples awaits the intrepid to explore this historic gem. Easily accessible from on the Bangkok to Ayutthaya train it can

Vang Vieng Tubing, Laos: Why its still a fun way to see this beautiful town!

When you think of backpacking excesses, debauchery, drunkenness and generally the sort of behaviour that gives us more cultured travellers who happen to carry their belongings on their back a bad name the place Vang Vieng won’t be far from a mention. Over the past decade or so it has built up a reputation for all

Travelling around Thailand: Bangkok to Chiang Mai bus or the overnight train Bangkok to Chiang Mai or even a flight?

Thailand is an incredible place to travel around whether on holiday or on a backpacking trip around the world you will find it one of the easiest countries in South East Asia to navigate! However, it is still a relatively large country with great distances to be covered from one region to another. Chiang Mai

Helsinki in a day. Exploring the wonderful capital of Finland after a ferry ride from Estonia!

Whilst staying in the stunning fairytale city of Tallinn in Estonia we couldn’t not notice the city’s proximity to Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Knowing how expensive Scandinavia is compared to the region of Eastern Europe we had been travelling within for 4 months we took the opportunity to head over for the first time on

The incredible Rakaia Gorge hike, the best day trip from Christchurch, New Zealand!

Living in Christchurch and using it as our base to explore the incredible country of New Zealand we were desperate to get out and experience the incredible scenery. Working and saving for our road trip around the country we were itching to explore, so we began searching for the best Christchurch walks and happened upon Rakaia Gorge.

How to stay fit while traveling: Our best travel workout routine and tips!

Working out while traveling and keeping fit whilst on the road is always a challenge both on long-term and short-term trips. On holidays and vacations it can be tempting to let yourself go and just enjoy copious amounts of exotic alcohol and incredible food, which leaves you heading home feeling unrested, bloated and struggling to

The best camera for backpacking, hiking and travel photography guide!

Whilst travelling there is always a challenge when one considers which cameras to take, travelling light is always important for enjoyability, portability and flexibility but at the same time we all want to take the best photos to capture our memories and experiences as we possibly can. We love to explore cities as well as

Alternatives to the crowded Blue Mosque: The incredible Suleymaniye Mosque and it’s authentic neighbourhood!

Strolling around Istanbul, the intoxicating air of history, the well worn streets and the breathlessness of the electrifying hum draws you into its endless energy. A city split between two continents, a city of sharp contrasts and diversity, a beacon of symbolism for Turkey, its modern incarnation and long historic enduring historic past. It’s a

The ultimate list of best Christmas gifts for the travellers and backpackers in your life!

It’s that time of year again, where you fret and ponder over what to get the awkward folks in your life… you know the ones, the weird and wacky friends and family who don’t seem to like “things” and instead spend their money and time travelling the world! I know, we can be hard to

A practical guide to visiting Turkey: Safety, visas and travel in this incredible country.

Turkey is a mystical land, both swathed in ancient myth and modern misconceptions. From the crumbling ruins of Constantinople to the lingering charms of the Persian empire and the blossoming republic that arose with Ataturk from the Ottoman era. Turkey is vast, diverse, charming and also quite different to what people first imagine. With the