3 Peaks Challenge Tips: 3 Peaks Kit List & 3 Peaks Challenge Training

The National 3 Peaks Challenge is a rite of passage for many keen hikers and mountaineers in the UK and beyond. Tackling the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in a mad dash 24 hrs is both mentally and physically challenging. It’s a dream to complete for many who have scaled some of Britain’s

A Complete Guide To Paragliding in Oludeniz Over The Most Incredible Beach In Turkey!

Back in 2006 I visited Oludeniz for the first time, this picturesque beach town on the south coast of Turkey was somewhere Shorty (Paul) had visited many times growing up and we were keen to check it out! Of course, being over 10 years ago and a family holiday it was VERY different to our

A Guide To Learning How To Surf In Australia: Including Location, Cost & Advice

Surfing, the archetypal Aussie pastime, something I tried way back in 2010 on a blistering Newquay beach in freezing waters and something I’ve dreamt of doing again in Australia. The first time on the waves I decided to just rent a board and give it a go, as a skateboarder I figured it wouldn’t be too

Here’s Our Complete Guide To A Lake Como from Milan Day Trip

After spending a few days exploring the effortlessly elegant city of Milan we were keen to get out of the crowded streets and into the surrounding countryside and searched for day trips to Lake Como from Milan. One of the places we had always dreamt of visiting was Lake Como and the pastel coloured towns

Our Guide To Backpacking in Australia & Tips For A Budget Trip Around Australia

How to travel Australia on a budget: It’s no secret that a trip around Australia is an expensive prospect for backpackers and is much more challenging than places like Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia where your money will go much further. Here despite being a backpacker magnet it’s a much harder prospect when your already

The Ultimate 3 Day Penang Itinerary: What To Do In Penang In 3 days. A Guide to this Beautiful & Historic Town in Malaysia.

Malaysia, as we’ve waxed lyrical before about, became one of our favourite countries in Southeast Asia. The amount of diversity within the culture, landscape, architecture and activities on offers across the two halves of the country are unrivalled. From the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur to the rolling hillsides of the tea plantations of the

Here’s Our Complete Guide To A 2 day Berlin Itinerary. 48 Hours In The Incredible German Capital.

Berlin had been on our radars for as long as I can remember and despite having family in Germany, making several trips to Hamburg and loving the country, we hadn’t managed to get around to it. When we decided to make a trip home for Christmas from Australia we decided to split the trip there

2 days in Milan Itinerary: A Complete Guide To A weekend in Milan, Italy

Milan is somewhere that often gets overlooked when people plan a trip to Italy, it’s often described as boring and expensive and with so much else to see across the country it’s a shame it often goes unvisited. But with cheap flights available on budget airlines from the UK to Milan we chose it as

Backpacking in Melbourne, Victoria. Cheap & Free Things To Do in Melbourne

Want to know What to do in Melbourne for free? Well Australia is an expensive country to visit especially if you’ve just arrived from backpacking through Asia! But that shouldn’t put you off, there are plenty of cheap activities in Melbourne. Melbourne is constantly voted as one of the world’s most liveable cities and after

Gothenburg In Winter: A Guide To Visiting This Cool Swedish City & What To See In Gothenburg

After spending around 2 years travelling around Southeast Asia and Australia we found ourselves back in Europe to visit family over the Christmas period a few years back. It wasn’t just a reverse culture shock but it was also a shock to the system to acclimatise to not only winter in Europe but in famously

Gift The Traveller In Your Life The Ultimate Experience This Christmas!

With the festive season around the corner that inevitable questions comes, “What do we buy (insert name of awkward travel obsessed friend or relative here) for Christmas?” The problem is, after travelling the world and soaking in the idea that experiences are worth so much more than material possessions, well, it becomes very hard for

Budget Travel Asia: Our Ultimate Southeast Asia Transportation Guide for Backpacking Asia

How to get around Southeast Asia: One of the apprehensions and burning questions that many people have when they are planning their Southeast Asia itinerary is how to go about physically travelling around this vast region. From the practicalities of booking transport to crossing borders and navigating the many different options for transport when planning

Roberts Point Track And Trail – The Best Free Franz Josef glacier Hike, NZ

On our incredible road trip around the South Island of New Zealand one of the places we were most looking forward to experiencing was The Franz Josef Glacier, what might be considered alongside Fox as the best glacier in New Zealand. This region of glaciers is one of the most unique in the world and

Backpacking in Hong Kong: A Guide To A Hong Kong Budget Trip

For us Hong Kong was high on our bucket list for years after growing up with stories from my parents of their first travels to Asia and their experiences there in particular. It always seemed like a world away and yet also so familiar. After spending a month travelling around mainland China we had our