Exploring the incredible coastline of Noosa. One of Australia’s most amazing coastal walks!

Landing in Brisbane we were keen to head out of the city quickly, not because we don’t like Brisbane, but because we knew the best of what Queensland has to offer exists outside of the city limits. Exploring the Sunshine Coast in our camper van was a dream, a bucket list ambition achieved and had

Guide to Byron Bay, NSW: The backpacker and surfer mecca of Australia

Byron Bay is a special place, it’s laid back surfer town vibe attracts an alternative crowd and has a youthful backpacker atmosphere that you can’t help but become enchanted by. With miles of incredible beaches, amazing surf, beautiful round the year weather and a relaxed atmosphere, Byron Bay is one of the most incredible places

Learning to surf in Australia. Tackling the incredible Queensland waves!

Surfing, the archetypal Aussie pastime, something I tried way back in 2010 on a blistering Newquay beach in freezing waters and something I’ve dreamt of doing again in Australia. The first time on the waves I decided to just rent a board and give it a go, as a skateboarder I figured it wouldn’t be too

A 3 day camping trip on Great Ocean Road: The best way to take in this incredible Australian coast

One of the highlights of our year spent in Australia and our 7 months living in Melbourne has to be The Great Ocean Road, an icon of not just Victoria but of Australia and something people travel across the other side of the world to experience. We’ve been lucky that living in Melbourne we’ve been

Why Hostels are better than Hotels & our guide to staying in one for a first timer!

Ahh the humble hostel, the backpackers best friend and staple accommodation, often overlooked and misunderstood by the hotel dwellers they provide a unique, cheap and often much more connected way of travelling. We looked at those misconceptions and also how to make the most out of your hostel stay. Forget the opinion that a hostel

Our pick for the best beaches in the world after 60+ countries!

We have to admit, we’ve never really been beach people! But travelling through South East Asia and Australia we might have just been converted!! We usually head straight for the mountains, trekking through jungles or even exploring a great city, but we’ve always got a little bored on trips to the beach! However, we never