Staying in the Oldest Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden: The Beautiful Hotel Royal

Arriving into Gothenburg, a wonderfully overlooked city that is a perfect mixture of fascinating history and thriving modernity we wanted to stay somewhere special. Walking through the elegant doors of Hotel Royal Gothenburg we knew we had found just that. The oldest hotel in Gothenburg exuded class as it told the narrative of this beautiful place whilst still managing to remain relevant in this city embracing the exciting future.

An elegant and historic abode in this trendy city

Opened in 1852 Hotel Royal is a Gothenburg establishment that has journeyed with this city right into the modern day. Keeping a classic and elegant interior design the hotel retains it legacy as a part of the historical fabric of the city. The hotel is also still family owned and not part of a chain, their 76 rooms are uniquely decorated and designed which brought together makes a hotel that really does still cater for the individual traveller. Staff are highly trained in the service industry and provide expert guidance to enjoying this wonderful city, meaning that whatever you come to Gothenburg for, Hotel Royal is an oasis of calm and culture. 

A welcoming embrace of culture, warmth and service

Spending the day soaking in the unique and varied culture of Gothenburg in the chilling winter air is an amazing but tiring experience. Stepping through the ornate entrance into the stunning 19th century interior decoration and strolling up the incredible Art Nouveau stair case towards the hand painted glass celling you just feel instantly at home. A wonderful collection of lounges on the ground floor with afternoon coffee, tea, cakes and the daily newspaper allows you to truly unwind. 

A location in the heart of this wonderful city 

Gothenburg isn’t a huge city but that means that the energy of this beautiful little place is right in the centre, exactly where you want to be based to make the most out of your time here. Hotel Royal is just a short hop around the corner from the cities main square and central station, this means that you are right in the heart of the action whilst also being in a comfortable, quiet and peaceful spot, Perfect! You can literally step right out of the door and explore the city on foot or on the rattling old trams. If your feet become weary and bags a little heavy then there is no worries returning to the hotel for home made cake, rest and a warm up before heading right back out into the action.

A touch of class and tradition in a fast and modern world 

Gothenburg is a city we really fell in love with, its classical architecture and beautiful traditions are everywhere to be seen and Hotel Royal is a part of that wonderful history. But what really makes it such a great city is how it effortlessly combines that modern and open Swedish outlook whilst retaining and conserving its history. Gothenburg feels like a young and exciting city on the cutting edge of world changing attitudes but it also knows that in moving forwards the past should be honoured. Hotel Royal as a result has a place in the heart of this city and allows you to step for a moment out of that fast paced world and back into the fabric of the history of what makes this city so special.

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Disclaimer: This post was in partnership with Hotel Royal. As always, all opinions are our own!

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