CityBox Hotel, Oslo: A slick, modern and elegant budget option in this expensive city

Heading back to Europe from months away in Asia and Australia and having just survived a long haul flight we needed somewhere simple, easy and comfortable for our stay in Oslo. CityBox Hotel ticked all the boxes for us, it has a very simple booking process and a quick and easy check in that allows you to arrive even at unsociable hours which for us and our jet lag was perfect. Oslo is notorious for being an expensive city but at CityBox they have a great balance between affordability and simple, elegant city centre rooms.

Enjoying a simple but effective booking and checking in at CityBox Hotel Oslo

When you are tired and just want to get to your room after a long and exhausting flight then you want things to be simple and easy. This was the first time we had been checked in by a computer so we didn’t really know what to expect. But the process was the quickest and simplest check in we have ever experienced, we simply entered our booking number and our keycard was printed in front of us alongside some valuable information.

Near by where city maps, free guides and ipads to use for any additional information needed as well as one dedicated to booking a taxi directly from the hotel. If you do need the assistance of a real person then there is always the nearby office where the staff are on hand to help you with any questions, suggestions and help.

A modern and up to date travel experience

One of the real benefits to this slick and streamlined experience is just how efficient it is. Many people who travel, especially in busy city centres where they are often here for business, don’t have time to queue behind those asking 20 questions and want to get checked in asap. It means that the staff here can use their time more effectively, speaking to people individually and allowing the inner workings of the hotel to continue uninterrupted. Those who want to just come and do with as little fuss possible can do so here. It just seems like one of those well designed places that just works!

Staying in the heart of the city in a slick and stylish but affordable hotel

Staying right in the centre of the city means space is a premium and especially at budget level. Here at CityBox Hotel they have created clever, slick and stylish spaces from which to base yourself during your time in this beautiful city. With simple but effective design and workings this comfortable hotel allows you to enjoy the city from within the heart of the action.

Shops, restaurants and cafes are all within a stones throw and the major attractions and transport hubs are a walk away. There is even a connected cafe and social area on the ground floor of the hotel, really CityBox Hotel is all about maximising your time in a city where it is inherently expensive to be.

“Oslo is full of bars. Why do you need one in your hotel room?”

…is the tagline from the CityBox website and it sums up all what this simple and elegant hotel is all about. As visitors to a city you want to spend your time and money out enjoying all it has to offer, eating, drinking, experiencing and exploring rather than sat in your fancy room sipping from the minibar! Costs are kept to a minimum with the slick running system, time is saved and space is used well to create a simple and elegant hotel for the modern traveller.

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Disclaimer: This post was in partnership with CityBox Hotel. As always, all opinions are our own!

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