Wink Hostel Singapore: The Perfect Hostel For Flashpackers Combining Boutique Style, Social Atmosphere & Perfect Location

Finding a hostel in Singapore can be a nightmare! You’ve been in Southeast Asia for a while, swanning around the region without a care in the world, rocking up to incredible boutique hostels and shelling out less that it would cost you for a pint back home for the night! Life is good when being frivolous is splashing an extra £5 a night to upgrade to a private and extravagantly doubling the cost of your £1 Pad Thai by eating inside rather than on a plastic stool in the street! But then you arrive in Singapore. The wonderful mixing pot of modern Southeast Asia, where you welcome many “normalities” from back home and immerse yourself in the inconceivable calm of such a bustling metropolis of so many cultures. But reality hits home when you’re paying 10x the amount for a rickety bunk bed crammed into a basement dorm in Little India! That’s were Wink Hostel comes in, they understand that in Singapore you pay a premium, there is no getting around that, but you should also get back a safe, clean, fun and modern environment for that investment! If you’re on the lookout for the best hostel in Singapore then here it is!

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

Wink Hostel: The Best Hostel in Singapore!

Choosing The Right Accommodation For The Right Experience

After being on the road for almost 4 years there are a few things we’ve learnt along the way and one of the biggest is how much your accommodation affects your enjoyment and experience of a place. This has been echoed in conversations with fellow travellers too when we recount how much we loved places like Sarajevo and felt dejected in cities like Belgrade when they look back with completely different memories. It seems it all boiled down to how happy we were back at our hostels, the crowd we met there and the atmosphere that affect our mindset as we set off the explore.

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

With a city like Singapore, with it’s expensive accommodation it can leave a real bad vibe to pay what feels like a lot for an awful hostel! Unlike places like Thailand where a little goes a long way, here in researching the best hostel in Singapore really is worthwhile and so is investing in accomodation like Wink Hostel where you will be sure to get back an experience and level of service in line with what you paid!

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Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

Wink Hostel: A Flashpacker Boutique Oasis

Arriving late into Singapore after a full day travelling on two flights from Hanoi we were keen to stay somewhere comfortable and accommodating to our late arrival. Greeting us at the entrance was a lockbox (unlockable with your booking code) with our names that contained our welcome pack and card ensuring that whatever time we turned up we would be able to check in, which was reassuring when we had a delay on our second flight.

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

Checking into our double pod dorm room we couldn’t wait to sink into the comfortable custom built bed! We loved the touched like free slippers, branded towels and large plumped up pillows that make it just feel that much more fancy than a run of the mill hostel dorm. The thick curtains and soft backlight meant we could slip into bed without disturbing anyone else and also have a much needed sleep in the following morning.

The unique, spacious and well considered pods mean that you still retain complete privacy whilst staying in a dorm. There is also a built in locker too which is accessed via your own pin just like a safe. For us, travelling with expensive cameras and laptops, it’s a real selling point.

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

Wink Hostel really does feel like a place built by travellers for travellers and it shows that the owners have experience themselves backpacking. We really loved how their passion for travelling has inspired them to create such a wonderful hub for fellow adventurers!

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

A Haven in The Big City

Wink is a stylish and contemporary haven right in the heart of the bustling downtown area of Singapore. Walking to the MRT or the Marina is easy from its central location but it is also conveniently located close to a 7/11 (within the same building!) as well as a host of hawker centres too. Featuring a kitchen and chill out area means you can easily save on food costs or just retreat from the city for a while throughout the day if you need a break!

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

Bringing together the community feel of a backpackers hostel, the design and feel of a contemporary boutique hotel and the convenience of a central downtown address Wink Hostel hits all the right notes for anyone wanting the Flashpacker Experience in Singapore. There is no need to compromise on location, socialising or privacy whilst staying in Singapore with such as well conceptualised and relaxing environment.

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

Great Facilities and Design

Being situated in the sleek business district of Singapore it follows that the hostel would combine stylish and contemporary design with functional and and high tech features. From high speed wifi to large bathroom facilities, AC and complimentary breakfast they’ve got everything covered!

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

The Best Hostel in Singapore

Find Out More About Wink Hostel Here:

Wink Hostel: The best hostel in Singapore

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