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Here at the Roaming Renegades we have a large network of influence, you can tap into this by working with us on projects including sponsored posts, giveaways, brand ambassadorships, test running trips, goods and services. You are guaranteed passionate, honest and reliable work from us!


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Some examples of our work:

Our amazing first time using Air BnB

Stand up paddle boarding in Blackpool

White water rafting in Switzerland

Canyoning in Interlaken

Dubai Adventures

Polar kayaking

Ljubljana bike tour

Venice by boat tour

Moreto & Caffeto hostel Sofia

Hi Skopje hostel review

World house hostel: Istanbul

Urban Pack hostel: Hong Kong

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Published work:

Bravofly: Lake Como

Matador Network: Ukraine border crossing

Bravofly: Interlaken

Thought Catalog: How to travel as a couple

Bravofly: Tokyo Temples

Buzzfeed: Why we waited to travel longterm

Bravofly: Sarajevo bobsleigh track

Berghaus: Tips for travelling couples

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“When you get a travel blogger “on board” you never know what the cooperation would be like, even when you explain how it should go in advance. I can now say that Nic and Paul are the kind of travel writers you want to meet. Easy to work with and reliable, the Roaming Renegades delivered great live social media coverage and a lovely post. A good example of a win-win, successful collaboration.”
Loredana, Walks of Italy.
“In general I have had mostly good experiences with travel bloggers – just sometimes it just takes ages before they publish the piece! Nic wrote one soon after they visited Ljubljana. I would definitely recommend RR to others. They are cool and relaxed, fast to communicate and like off the beaten path stuff!”
Tevs, Ljubljana Bike Tours

Our influencer Network:

We are part of an extensive network of bloggers and influencers who regularly share each others posts across all social media platforms. This means that we are in a unique position to be able to offer potential partners not only the benefit of our own 25K+ monthly viewers and 12K+ followers but the 100K+ followers of our network too.

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Our influencer network

Featured on:

We have been featured on a number of high profile blogs and main stream media outlets as a guest writer and collaborator.

Featured work


Guest post opportunities:

Here at the Roaming Renegades we do also accept guest post and look forward to hearing from you. Please Email us with your idea and we will forward you our guidelines. As bloggers we look forward to promoting other great writers! We also offer guest posts to other blogs and also love getting involved with collaboration posts.


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Thanks for taking the time to read all about us!
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The Roaming Renegades

Nic is one half of the Roaming Renegades, a passionate traveller, climber, adventurer, photographer and artist who has a B.A in Fine Art and M.A in Design & Art Direction.
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