UK Travel Inspiration: Exploring The Great British Outdoors In Style

While international travel is now back on the agenda, the pandemic has provided a greater appreciation of what the UK has to offer. The country is blessed with many fantastic outdoor adventures. Frankly, with the right preparations in place, there is no excuse for running out of activities to enjoy.

After spending such long periods stuck inside, the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors should be grabbed with both hands. Here are eight great ideas to consider.

Take A City Break

City breaks have become an increasingly popular choice for holidaymakers who are a little short of time. Accessible air travel has allowed solo travellers and couples to visit European spots like never before over the last decade or two. However, millions of tourists head to the UK for similar reasons each year. You should not overlook its appeal.

London is one of the most popular destinations on the planet for a city break. Walking tours of the famous landmarks can be combined with trips to some of the most famous parks and open spaces. Even when you plan to visit some internal attractions too, London will present great opportunities to see the great outdoors. On both sides of the river Thames.

Away from London, cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Cardiff are all ideal.

Enjoy The Beaches

Britain might not boast the beaches to challenge Brazil, America, or the Bahamas. However, the country’s best spots probably don’t get the praise that they deserve. While we tend to think about stony beaches and overcast weather, there are plenty of sandy beaches dotted around the UK coast. Both Norfolk and Cornwall are notorious for them.

This gives you good options regardless of where you’re located. Cornwall, in particular, is a great place for surfing and winter sports in the summer. However, the beautiful horizons can be explored and enjoyed throughout the colder seasons too. Of course, you will want to dress appropriately as it does get very cold on the coast throughout the winter months.

Nonetheless, heading to the coast is an ideal way to enjoy family fun while taking in the beautiful landscapes.

Find A Holiday Park

Many families buy holiday homes abroad. In reality, though, you are unlikely to use them as often as you’d like. Conversely, a UK-based holiday home can work wonders. Not least because you will be able to take spontaneous trips at the last minute. If you are going to take this route, though, it makes sense to choose a solution that allows for outdoor activities.

Holiday parks are the ideal option as they combine elements of tranquillity with the option for group activities. Checking out the best Yorkshire locations will show you how the beauty of nature can be enjoyed to the max. BBQs, on-site activities, and local nature trails can all make an appearance. Every adventure can be unique. Or you can repeat your favourites. 

It’s an investment that is likely to appreciate in value. So, it’s a great option for your long-term financial health too.

Take On A Physical Challenge

Some of the best vacations and short breaks aren’t just an opportunity to relax. They should make you feel that you have grown as a person. Taking on a physical challenge is one of the most effective ways to achieve the desired sense of self-satisfaction. And when you do, the memories made while you’re away will feel even more magical.

The Three Peaks Challenge is one of the most popular choices. All three of the mountains are climbable by most semi-fit people. The views are simply spectacular, which also means you’ll grab some truly incredible photos. Whether travelling alone, with your partner, or friends is up to you. For even greater satisfaction, you could raise money for charity. 

Alternatively, you may wish to sign up for the Great North Run or the London to Brighton bike ride.

Stay With The Animals

When thinking about safari tours and vacations, you will picture destinations in Africa or Australasia. However, the UK is blessed with a handful of great locations where you can be around the animals. For starters, many of the zoos offer “zookeeper for a day” experiences that allow you to get up close. It should be noted that this is only a day option.

For an overnight stay near animals, choosing a safari and leisure park that features staying in luxury lodges is advised. There are only a small number of them in the UK, but waking up with the stunning views of a safari park and the animals is a truly incredible experience. 

The winning combination of animals and beautiful sceneries will provide stunning holiday memories. Moreover, they are memories that many people don’t have. 

Head To A Festival

If you love music and entertainment, staying over at a festival is something you must do at least once in your lifetime. The UK has some of the best acts on the planet while it also attracts the cream of global talent. Festival season includes events up and down the country. You will be outside, getting a chance to meet people from all over the UK and beyond.

When staying at a festival, you will have several options at your disposal. So, if sleeping in a tent in a crowded field isn’t for you, there are alternatives. Glamping at festivals is a very popular option for a slightly older guest. Good music, a comfortable place to stay, and a lot of great food and drink is the definition of a perfect short break. Embrace it.

If you are eager to see more of the local area, you could arrive a day or two early to visit the nearest town or local attractions.

Take A Road Trip

What’s better than visiting one great location? Visiting several. Taking a road trip can be the perfect way to fit multiple adventures into one break. Given that you will be in full control of the situation, you can also decide how many places to visit and how long to spend in each. Whether it’s a weekend or an extended trip that takes a few weeks, fun is assured.

The UK is a relatively small country that is served by fantastic road infrastructure. You can hire Airbnb properties in Scottish destinations, Welsh towns, and English locations. Driving will allow you to see some of the beautiful countryside horizons. Meanwhile, a range of internal and external activities and landmarks can be explored during the trip

Just be sure to travel with people who you can stand being around for long periods. Otherwise, it can backfire spectacularly. 

Get Sporty

Whether sports play a significant role in your daily life or not doesn’t matter. The chance to try new hobbies or your favourite activities in new surroundings is a great thing. Better still, burning those extra calories will allow you to tuck into some tasty treats without any sense of guilt. There are several options available suited to your personal tastes.

There is no doubt that golfing holidays have become immensely popular. You can find beautiful courses in Oxfordshire, for example. As well as being outside for a few hours and breaking free from tech, you can find luxury hotels, clubhouses, and spas. Fishing is another popular choice that gets you away from the stresses of modern life.

Or if you play for a sports team, you can take a tour that forms a part of your pre-season activities. You’ll see a new location and build camaraderie with your team.

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