A guide to the picture perfect town of Bled, Slovenia!

Bled is a picture perfect town nestled at the entrance to the Julian Alps and Slovenia’s magnificent Triglav park. The Fairytale lake with its tiny island and church perched in the middle, the castle which sits high above the town and mountains that surround it from all angles makes Bled one of those places you […]

Canyoning in the stunning Julian Alps, Slovenia!

We LOVE canyoning!! You might remember us jumping into the ice cold waters of The Lake District and the stunning River Esk in April last year, or what about one of the highlights of the year when we tackled the extreme Chli Schliere canyon in Switzerland with over 33ft/10m high jumps!! Well we wanted more […]

Cycling around the majestic and fairytale like lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of those picture postcard places, the emerald coloured water, a castle high on the hill and a lovely church on a tiny island in the lake all surrounded by the stunning Julian Alps. It’s a place that we had wanted to visit for a while. During our stay in Bled we […]

Why Slovenia is the most underrated country in Europe!

Slovenia…No, not Slovakia, but the little country nestled between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary often goes unnoticed! Anonymously sitting their nestled between countries that people flock to year round, a little piece of land with a culture, history and breath taking scenery that can sometimes feel forgotten. It has the Alps…but so does Switzerland, Italy, […]