Hitchhiking To The Tropical Bogove Waterfall in Rural Albania, A Day of Real Adventure! (Plus: Shorty Skinny Dipping!)

Whilst on our amazing 11 day adventure through Albania and the ensuing love affair that resulted, we found ourselves in the charming town of Berat. This beautiful Ottoman city has clung to the side of mountains for centuries and we inevitably ended up extending our stay. We heard whispers amongst our fellow travellers of a […]

Why Slovenia Is The Most Underrated Country In Europe!

Slovenia…No, not Slovakia, but the little country nestled between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary often goes unnoticed! Anonymously sitting they nestled between countries that people flock to year-round, a little piece of land with culture, history and breathtaking scenery that can sometimes feel forgotten. It has the Alps…but so does Switzerland, Italy, France and Austria! […]