The ultimate ski holiday in France guide for an epic winter trip to the Alps!

The best ski resorts in the world await you in France – where snow-covered slopes act as backdrops to gorgeous ski resorts and starry-eyed visitors are ready to embark on an unforgettable journey. The French Alps are, without a doubt, one of the perfect holiday hotspots that cater to all types of travellers. From the adventurers who cannot wait to be sliding down high elevation ski slopes and hiking, to people who just want a relaxing weekend. So who wouldn’t want to have an epic ski holiday in France?!

The fresh powder, a crisp beer, and the promise of a hot spa at the end of the day are all just the cherry on top. Of course, planning your first ski trip to the Alps is never easy. It sure is exciting but it’s also loaded with so many different things you need to plan. From what type of gear to take with you, to whether or not you need to ski lessons to the daunting choices of where to stay…It’s never easy.

That shouldn’t deter you though – France is home to some of the largest ski areas in the world, meaning you get nothing less than quality snowboarding and skiing. Who can resist the unparalleled alpine charm, the French atmosphere and the plethora of things to do? n order to avoid any problems that may hinder you from fully enjoying your ski holiday in France, you need to do some preparations. In this article, I will discuss some of the most important tips on how to prepare.

ski holiday in France

Ski holiday in France: Top Resorts

Val D’Isere

Val D’Isere is one of the most well-known skiing areas in all of France and has been there for quite some time right now. It has everything that makes a place perfect; you are left to explore and discover and unleash the adventurer inside. The historic alpine charm is just one of the things that makes Val D’Isere stand out. The ski area there is considerer quite challenging, giving you the perfect opportunity for growth, while the après-ski scene is perfect for a night of lively partying.


There are five villages in Tignes that offer a huge number of snow-related activities like air bag jumps, high snow peaks, and much more. If you are looking for a more adventurous trip to the slopes then the laid back atmosphere alongside the extreme sports available would be the perfect ski holiday in France for you.


Despite the fact that Courchevel is the most expensive out of all resorts (Prince William and Kate Middleton are known to be frequent visitors!), this resort is definitely worth it.

The best thing about ski holidays in France is the amount of diversity you get while choosing between the resorts. You end up with a plethora of different options that cater to all types of people, thus satisfying the needs of every traveler! All you have to do is figure out what type of holiday you want and book away!

ski holiday in France

Here are some of the top tips and tricks you need to keep in mind when planning your ski holiday in France:

Packing If you’re going to be traveling to the Alps, it’s highly recommended that you pack as lightly as you can. Most ski resorts are car-free and you will end up having to carry all your luggage and ski gear through different modes of transportation. Expect at least a few times of loading and unloading (plane, trams, buses, lifts and more). The lighter you pack, the more hassle you’ll be going through. If you’re going to be taking your skiing gear as well, keep in mind that they might also be heavy. We always try to pack as lightly as we can wherever we’re going but on a ski holiday in France its even more important!

If you have kids in tow on your ski holiday in France

Think your days of carving up the slopes are over if you have kids, think again! There are plenty of Ski resorts out there that cater for all ages of children. If you have really little ones then be sure to choose somewhere that has nannies and daycare centres such as Ski Famille. That way you have no worries and can head out for a day of fun knowing they are taken care of. If they are a little older then take advantage of ski classes and children’s prices on ski passes and be sure to check if the slope you are visiting has child friendly runs or a ski school. Getting the kids into skiing or snowboarding at a young age is a great way to get them outdoors and into a sport they can enjoy for life. 

Should you bring your gear with you to a ski holiday in France?

If you’re not an experienced skier, then you can simply rent ski boots and gear from the resort you’re staying at and saving yourself so much hassle. However, if you are more experienced and find that you perform much better with your own gear, then it’s advisable to bring them along with you. It all depends on your level or ability and what you want from your ski holiday in France.

What type of luggage? Whether or not you will be getting your gear, the best type of luggage to get is one with wheels. This way you don’t have to worry about heavy luggage on your shoulders.

ski holiday in France

Preparing physically for your ski holiday in France

Most people don’t think they need to workout before a holiday, but a skiing holiday begs to differ. Workout daily for a month before going on holiday so that your fitness level does not hinder you from having as much fun and physical activity at the resort. Hill running is one of the best ways to train your legs and increase your overall strength while targeting all parts you’ll use when skiing. If there is an indoor slope near you then get some practice in before you travel so you’re not rusty and you can start to built that muscle memory back again!

Which resorts to choose?

Choose your resort based on what type of amenities you need. Do you want a resort with the best ski instructors? The best luxury experience? The most relaxing? The most lively? One for beginners? or even one aimed at backpackers or those on a tight budget or with kids?

If it’s your first ski holiday in France….

If it’s your first holiday, avoid buying skiing gear. It’s usually very expensive and if skiing doesn’t turn out to be your thing, you will end up regretting. You can try borrowing some ski gear, or renting at your resort.

If you have your own gear…

Make sure you don’t forget to tune your skis and boards before the trip.

When to go on your ski holiday in France?

If you’re looking for the most lively time to go skiing, then definitely visit in December. It’s a great way to mix the festivities of Christmas and the New Year with daytime skiing and night-time celebrations.

For the best weather on your ski holiday in France – For the best weather, go in March. Warmer and longer days, a lively atmosphere and more events going on.

ski holiday in France

Avoid altitude sickness…. A lot of people suffer from altitude sickness on their first ski holiday and the symptoms range from headache, to sickness. You can easily avoid that by not going all the way up all of a sudden. You need to take it one step at a time. Go up, rest a little bit, get used to the altitude and then go further until you reach your destination.

Don’t forget to relax your muscles when you’re there.

To avoid having sore muscles for the rest of your trip, indulge in the countless hot tubs offered by the resorts so you can get rid of the stiffness!

Ski holidays are a great way to pump your blood levels, increase your strength and fitness and give you that much needed away time. All of this while being the perfect adrenaline-inducing getaway. As long as everything is planned right before your trip, you’re bound to have an incredible ski holiday in France!

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