The deafening silence of Auschwitz…A Black and White film photo essay.

Last November we spent an unforgettable week exploring the beautiful city of Krakow (which has since become one of our favourite ever cities!) Whilst there we took the daunting trip a couple of hours west to Auschwitz. Even months later the weight of emotion experienced that day still bears down on us whenever our minds […]

What to do in KRAKOW, Poland & our Guide!

Krakow is one of those places we have been meaning to go to for a while now and wow, when we finally did we fell in love! Krakow seems to offer so much for so less, it has bohemian charm, culture, exquisite architecture, edginess and of course a fascinating, tormented and brave history. The mysteriously beautiful city […]

Visiting the 700 year old Wieliczka Salt Mine, KRAKOW

When in Krakow the Wieliczka Salt Mines are a must see, only 10km outside of the city and a 30-40 minute ride the UNESCO heritage site is the pride of Poland representing the generations of miners who carved the magnificent features and their work ethic. It is one of the most popular attractions of Poland and one […]