10 things we love about Japan

Japan, the crazy land where we chose to have our honeymoon! We absolutely fell in love with the land of the rising sun from its serine temples and beautiful nature to the crazy city, weird and wacky inventions and the overwhelming experience that is Japan! Here’s 10 reasons we love it so much! (And why […]

Must do TOKYO, Japan

Tokyo was somewhere we had dreamt of visiting for a very long time, years ago we wondered if we might ever get the chance, but after finally venturing to Moscow and then getting married in New York, suddenly these dreams felt so much more possible. We headed out to Tokyo with such an uncontainable excitement, this would be […]

The beautiful and serine Temples and Shrines of Tokyo

Tokyo might be seen as a mega modern metropolis, buzzing with flashing lights, crazy sounds and millions of people. But what people often don’t expect is the thousands of temples and shrines, from huge complexes to tiny displays dotted around the city. They provide not only a view into the history of Japan but also […]