Backpacking in London: A Guide to Visiting London As A Backpacker

London, like Sydney and Auckland for British Backpackers, is ground zero for that backpacking around the UK and quite often those on working Holiday Visas from Australia. It can be an expensive place to visit but the countless unique experiences that greet the 30 million international visitors each year are well worth the cost. It’s […]

23 reasons why you should visit MANCHESTER when you come to the UK (Our hometown we could not be more proud of!)

Manchester (we think) is better than London, but alas not that many people make it up this way. London, Edinburgh… even Liverpool with their Beatles stuff (I do love Liverpool)… but as with many countries there are lots of other places to see. Don’t even get me started on Leeds, Chester, York, Belfast and of course […]

Guide to a day in Liverpool. The city that brought us the Beatles and so much more!

Liverpool, the city where the Beatles were born! Since my brother made the controversial move from Manchester to Liverpool we find ourselves visited at least a few times a year and despite clearly not being quite as good as our great city it does have its charms!! Oh, who are we kidding, we love spending […]

Exploring the creepy abandoned Theme Park: Camelot!

Theme parks, some of the most exhilarating fun you can have whilst being in little danger…abandoned theme parks on the other hand, creepy apocalyptic and dangerous! As serial Urbexers (urban explorers) this local park had been on the radar for a while especially as we visited many times as kids when it was open. Exploring […]

Le Tour De France Comes To My Village!!

This weekend over 10,000 people came to the village of Littleborough, which is where I happen to call home when I’m not travelling, to watch the largest free sport event on the planet as it passed through this small section of Greater Manchester. This was something I could not miss out on! Yorkshire has been […]