Paper Plane hostel, KL: A 100 year old converted building with a modern and artistic spirit

Kuala Lumpur is a city of many sides, many cultures and a mixture of huge skyscrapers to historic architecture. Upon our first visit to this city we had dreamt of visiting for years we wanted to stay in a place close by to the action but with a local feel and a connection to the history of KL. In Paper Plane we found the perfect balance, this 100 year old converted colonial home has been transformed into a beautiful and creative boutique hostel. With trendy and functional features, comfortable rooms, great socialising spaces and original artwork around every corner… oh and amazingly warm and welcoming staff we found the perfect place! KL is a great place to visit on a budget and luckily there are many affordable hotels in KL and hostels too. 

An amazing 100 year old property with embedded culture and history

What we really loved about this hostel was the building, an almost 100 year old colonial house transformed into a cosy and welcoming space in which to stay. This place still retains many original features and has been tastefully converted to keep that historic and homely feel whilst also becoming a clean, trendy and artistic boutique hostel with a great vibe.

The house is also on a small row of old style buildings that have stood here for generations as the area around has changed and developed, it almost feels like an oasis in the middle of this wonderfully chaotic city! You don’t even need to leave to sense the history and stories this space retains.

A perfectly designed and artistic space in which to relax and socialise

Converted houses for us always make the best hostels, they allow a smaller scale which creates a more interactive and social environment, just like a home rather than a cold and unwelcoming hotel. The size also allows for each and every corner to be well designed and unique rather than having a mass produced style, each room for example is different, with original paintings to discover all around the property!

The hostel also values art and design which makes the whole place feel that much more special. Each wall has been painted by hand to create a humorous and inspiring feel. They have even invited local artists to hang their work here in the main downstairs corridor which basically means you are staying in a gallery! What could be better?!

Wonderfully welcoming and helpful staff that know KL inside out!

Another lovely benefit to having a smaller and much more personal hostel is how well you can get to know the staff and other guests. With a downstairs front yard area, conservatory with sofas, computer area and upstairs terrace area you are bound to get talking! The staff here are all locals too who are passionate about KL and the unique culture here. They are more than welcoming to sit down with you and let you know the ins and outs, the must do’s and the off the beaten track highlights only a local would know!

A great local vibe with amazing food but also close to town!

Paper Plane hostel is also in a really great location, out of the hustle and bustle of the busier areas it has a quiet and local feel to this residential street. All around here are great places to get food, from the various cheap and local joints ran out of the bottom of peoples houses to hipster cafes and coffee shops are all on the same block! Or just around the corner is the famous hawker street of Jalan Alor, so you will never go hungry here! 

But getting right into the mix is easy too, you can actually walk to the Petronas Towers from here if you can stand the heat, or you can cross the road and take the short monorail journey right into the centre of the city or connect with any of the lines and head anywhere you like with ease!

Have you ever stayed in such a cool and unique boutique hostel?

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Disclaimer: This post was in partnership with Paper Plane Hostel. As always, all opinions are our own!

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5 years ago

This old colonial house makes me think of my grandmother’s house which i miss so much. Thanks for sharing!

5 years ago
Reply to  April

Ahh, that’s lovely, she must have lived somewhere wonderful.

Edith Carolina Rodriguez
5 years ago

We’ve never stayed in a hostel but we definitely need to try it one day. This particular one looks nice.

5 years ago

You really need to give them a go, it might change your opinion of what they are about!

Mink Borwornsenee
5 years ago

This hostel is really cool! If you didn’t mention that it’s 100 years old I wouldn’t have known!

5 years ago

Yes, they have really made it a cool modern place with great history too.

Sandy & Vyjay
5 years ago

The hostel looks really amazing. The fact that it is a 100 year old structure is fascinating. What is still more amazing is the way that they have ensured to blend elements of the heritage with modern and quirky decor. Looks like a great place to camp in.

Melody Pittman
5 years ago

What a cute hostel. I love the decorative small spaces and the historic factor as well. The French bulldog on the wall gets my biggest seal of approval. Glad you liked. 😉

5 years ago
Reply to  Melody Pittman

Ha ha, as soon as there is any type of dog involved then I am sold!

Two Tall Travellers
5 years ago

Small unique places like this are beautiful. I don’t know if this is unique but we stayed in small boxes attached to the wall in Siem Reap. Thats was our coolest hostel experience!

5 years ago

Yes, love it when your accomodation can really add to your time there. Was it oasis capsules by any chance?

Emily Louisa
5 years ago

This looks like the perfect place to stay – I love the artwork! I also like how well it’s located and the fact that you can get some great local information from the owners. Hopefully they allow kids – will check this place out on a return to KL!

5 years ago
Reply to  Emily Louisa

Yeah its such a nice place, it really feels like a home more than a hostel. I am sure they would!

Elisa Subirats
5 years ago

I stayed in a similar hotel (colonial style that survived the city changes) but in Bangkok, it was pretty cool! Ah, Malaysia! This is the only country I am missing from SE Asia. I was about to book a flight ticket to KL 2 weeks ago but in the end I booked to Skopje instead 😐

5 years ago
Reply to  Elisa Subirats

Malaysia actually turned out to be probably in our top two countries in SEA, so diverse, nice people and amazing landscapes, get over there if you can and don’t miss borneo! However, we also love Skopje and Macedonia and had the best time over there too!

5 years ago

This looks like a great hostel and the type of place I would stay in. I like a smaller place but with a good social area so you can meet lots of people. The decoration too is great and something a bit different 🙂

5 years ago

Love the look of this place, what an appealing place to stay. Love the artwork, and the idea of being in a historical building right among the towering skyscrapers nearby.

5 years ago
Reply to  Kavita

Yeah it was so relaxing and such a fun place to stay.