Kenya Budget Safari: How To Plan A Backpacker/ Affordable African Safari

Leaping into the back of an open top jeep and cruising the savanna in sight of the big 5 is on most people’s bucket lists! But this incredible experience is also associated with huge costs that go way beyond what any backpacker or budget traveller could ever afford. Most would consider the safari an adventure

Ultimate Backpacking Gear List: Our Southeast Asia Packing List for Beginners! Everything You Need For An Amazing Trip!

Preparing for backpacking Southeast Asia can be a stressful time before setting off on the adventure of a lifetime. Your first time heading off backpacking can be a time of so many questions with so many unknowns including what to put on your packing list for Southeast Asia. You wonder how you will survive travelling

The Ultimate Phuket Backpacking Guide: The Best Places to visit in Phuket On A Budget

So, you’re backpacking Thailand and want to head to Phuket? Well it’s the perfect easy access starting point for exploring the beautiful islands of Thailand. It’s got a culture and history, incredible beaches, spectacular day trips and is a great place to relax for a while and recharge and is one of the best islands

The Ultimate Best Day Trips From Christchurch, New Zealand Guide Covering Near & Far!

Having been fortunate enough to call Christchurch home for a year (and hoping to do so again in the future) we got to know it and the surrounding areas quite well doing many Christchurch day trips. It’s a small city but what it lacks in size it makes up for with its outdoor lifestyle and

Taking The 762 Turn Chiang Mai To Pai Scooter Trip & The Information On The Bus From Chiang Mai to Pai, Thailand

After riding the length of Vietnam on motorbikes they became our favourite method of transport around South East Asia and wherever possible we would jump at the chance to do another trip. After such a long a gruelling trip in Vietnam though we searched out day trips on bikes as well as shorter multi day

Ayutthaya Thailand: The Lost World of Ancient Thailand. A Guide To A Day Trip From Bangkok Or A Two Day Visit + Transport.

Ayutthaya Thailand is the one time ancient capital of the Siam, the precursor to the modern-day kingdom of Thailand. Founded in 1350 it is Thailand’s answer to Angkor Wat or Bagan; a huge complex of crumbling ancient temples awaits the intrepid to explore this historic gem. Easily accessible from on the Bangkok to Ayutthaya train it can

The Amazing Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang Slow Boat: Thailand to Laos.

Backpacking around South East Asia is an amazing adventure, travelling through amazingly diverse landscapes and from country to country like a true explorer. When we discovered the amazing, picturesque and beautiful adventure that is the Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang slow boat we knew we had to do it. We always like to add to the adventure

A 3 day Camping Trip on Great Ocean Road: The Best Way to Take in the Incredible Australian Coast

One of the highlights of our year spent in Australia and our 7 months living in Melbourne has to be The Great Ocean Road, an icon of not just Victoria but of Australia in general and something people flock from the other side of the world to experience. Living in Melbourne has meant we’ve been

El Nido Island Hopping: Unbelievable Turquoise Waters to the Awe Inspiring Big Lagoon and Hidden Beaches of Palawan, Philippines!

El Nido, on the island of Palawan in the Philippines is paradise on earth! Crystal clear warm turquoise waters, amazing limestone formations, pristine secret beaches, hidden lagoons and perfect weather! No wonder after 9 months backpacking we couldn’t wait to drop our bags and hop straight onto one of the traditional wooden boats and sail

A Guide to the Isolated Island of Coron and It’s Many Beautiful Islands, Lagoons, Wrecks and Beaches, Philippines.

Most people have gathered by now that the Philippines is paradise, though there does seem to be some out there that still need a little convincing of this. Sure it’s not Thailand or The Seychelles, but that’s a good thing! Here on the small and unassuming island of Coron off the northern end of the

The Ultimate 3 weeks in Vietnam Itinerary, A Complete Guide To This Amazing Country!

Vietnam is a country of wild contrasts from beautiful golden sandy beaches to rugged mountainous terrain. It’s long and slender shape might seem easy to cover in a short amount of time, but with questionable transport, an ever changing landscape and so many possible stopping off points you can easily find yourself here a lot

How to Get from El Nido to Coron: A Guide for the Coron to El Nido ferry, Philippines

The tiny island of Coron off the north end of Palawan might seem quite remote and hard to get to. However for such a small and unassuming place the sheer beauty that can be found here means many flock to its turquoise waters and powder white sand beaches for a slice of paradise! However, depending

How to get to the paradise islands of Java, Bali, Lombok and the Gilis in Indonesia

Travelling between the islands of Indonesia is pretty easy with most of the most visited being close enough to comfortably take the ferry. However there are many options and booking them can be confusing and often the most irritating part of the journey is organising transport once on the island as public transport in Indonesia

A guide to Jakarta, the surprisingly beautiful and interesting capital of Indonesia!

After being in Manila directly before coming to Jakarta, a city we had mixed feelings about, somewhere over crowded with traffic, poverty, inequality, grime and crime, we expected much the same in Jakarta. Though there were shades of similarities, being huge sprawling cities with unregulated development, traffic jams and chaos, we found Jakarta to be

Wink Hostel Singapore: The Perfect Hostel For Flashpackers Combining Boutique Style, Social Atmosphere & Perfect Location

Finding a hostel in Singapore can be a nightmare! You’ve been in Southeast Asia for a while, swanning around the region without a care in the world, rocking up to incredible boutique hostels and shelling out less that it would cost you for a pint back home for the night! Life is good when being