Seeing Orangutans in Borneo: A magical experience seeing this fascinating endangered animal in its natural setting.

Flying over to the Malaysian part of Borneo most have one main objective: To see the endangered Orangutans in their natural environment in the only place in the world where they exist. With dwindling numbers over the last few decades this bucket list item is even harder to tick. However with many amazing conservation areas

The ultimate list of the best adventure towns around the world!

Adventure!! We love it! In fact we scour the globe looking for our next crazy adventure, whether that is jumping off the side of a mountain, tackling ferocious white water rapids, scaling cliffs with our bare hands or just hanging around at 2000ft! But after visiting the amazing town of Interlaken in Switzerland over the

A guide to using the Train in Italy: How to travel for cheap and like a local!

As Italy was the first stop of our long term travels, we realised very quickly that many things stretched our tight budget. We spent a total of around 10-11 days travelling from Milan (with a day trip to lake Como) to Bolzano, from Bolzano to Badia and finally Badia down to Venice. So one thing

Backpacking FAQ. All the answers we had before we set off on our three year adventure around the world!

Before we headed off backpacking we had so many questions, when to book accommodation, how to keep everything safe and how to manage our money. Despite being so excited for a dream to finally come true, all these amazing places we would be heading out to see and the experiences we would be having… yet

Cruising The Nile & The Egyptian Temples from majestical Luxor

Back in 2010 I visited Egypt, cruising down the river Nile we experienced the many temples and historical sites this amazing country has to offer and along the way managed to see a side to this country many miss out on. This wonderful and intriguing country left me in awe and challenged many preconceptions and

The ultimate guide for backpacking Sri Lanka: Exploring this beautifully diverse country on a budget

Sri Lanka is a magical place to visit, full of beautiful beaches, ancient wonders, friendly locals, amazing food, wonderful culture and all on an incredibly low budget. The small island nation offers so much to see and do for its modest size which makes it easy and affordable to travel around. Mix this together and

Learning to surf in Australia. Tackling the incredible Queensland waves!

Surfing, the archetypal Aussie pastime, something I tried way back in 2010 on a blistering Newquay beach in freezing waters and something I’ve dreamt of doing again in Australia. The first time on the waves I decided to just rent a board and give it a go, as a skateboarder I figured it wouldn’t be too

Guide to Byron Bay, NSW: The backpacker and surfer mecca of Australia

Byron Bay is a special place, it’s laid back surfer town vibe attracts an alternative crowd and has a youthful backpacker atmosphere that you can’t help but become enchanted by. With miles of incredible beaches, amazing surf, beautiful round the year weather and a relaxed atmosphere, Byron Bay is one of the most incredible places

Sigiriya travel guide Sri Lanka: Prices, travel and lion rock on a budget.

When travelling to Sri Lanka one of the top places to visit has to be Sigiriya Rock, the impressive and historic fortress was a highlight of our time travelling around this beautiful country. However the expensive Sigiriya price puts many people off and almost did the same for us too. For such an inexpensive country the Sigiriya