Baan Khun Nine: Bangkok. The boutique hostel that is redefining the term and blurring the lines between that and a hotel!

We are constantly trying to fly the flag for hostels here at The Roaming Renegades, attempting to dispel the myth that they are all filthy pits filled with drunken backpackers! We often go in search of the best, most modern and innovative boutique hostels that prove they can be the perfect places to stay, offering

An emotional visit to the Death Railway of Kanchanaburi, the infamous “Bridge on the River Kwai”, Thailand

Visiting Thailand is a bi-word for fun, adventure, parties, elephant visits, temples and of course amazing food. However what many don’t expect to encounter over here is the kind of unavoidable and heartbreaking WW2 sites that litter Europe like the craters left by the luftwaffe. Kanchanaburi is the location of the infamous “Bridge on the

Visiting the beautiful elephants of Chiang Mai at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary: Selecting the right place to do good rather than harm

For years we have dreamt of meeting the beautiful elephants of Asia, but after hearing many horror stories of bad treatment and awful conditions we were wary of doing more harm than good in seeking out this dream interaction. After much research, speaking to others who had visited many of the sanctuaries and so called

Paper Plane hostel, KL: A 100 year old converted building with a modern and artistic spirit

Kuala Lumpur is a city of many sides, many cultures and a mixture of huge skyscrapers to historic architecture. Upon our first visit to this city we had dreamt of visiting for years we wanted to stay in a place close by to the action but with a local feel and a connection to the

Flying through the rainforest with Flight of The Gibbon, Chiang Mai! An adventure tour with a conscience!

When we arrived in Chiang Mai there were a few things on our list we knew we had to do, from bathing elephants at the rescue centre to wandering the glistening temples this city has too much to offer! Being adrenaline junkies the idea of whizzing through the jungle tree tops on some of the worlds

The Sheraton Imperial KL: A 5* oasis of relaxation, high class dining and jaw dropping views!

Heading back to KL this time to celebrate my birthday (the second I would be spending abroad!) it was time for something special. We were warmly greeted on our arrival and swiftly entered into the world of complete luxury; Swimming in the shadow of the KL tower,  tucking into my personalised birthday cake in our

Learning to SCUBA dive in Borneo: Completing our PADI course in the most stunning and unexpected place!

When we set off backpacking around South East Asia, doing a PADI course to become qualified open water SCUBA divers was one of the first things we added to our list of things to do! After doing a taster session over 10 years ago on a family holiday to Turkey and also having friends who

5footway.inn: A trendy new hostel making waves on the Singapore Boat quay and completely blowing your perceptions of hostels out of the water!

We love hostels, and we are passionate about spreading the word that rather than some dingy party hostel or a squalid backpacker joint the concept is a changing and developing one. The rise of boutique hostels with both designer dorms and creative private rooms blur the line between the hotel and the hostel. These spaces

Taking the 2 day slow boat down the Mekong River from Luang Prabang, Laos to Chiang Rai, Thailand and how to do it yourself!

Backpacking around South East Asia is an amazing adventure, travelling through amazingly diverse landscapes and from country to country like a true explorer. But we always like to add to the adventure if we can, for example buying motorbikes in Vietnam added so much more to our time there than just a method of transport.

The temple town of Luang Prabang Laos: Buddhism, Monks, Rivers and Rich Culture!

After the combination of the chaos and beauty of the one time party town of Vang Vieng it was time for a very different atmosphere with Luang Prabang. This regal and sacred town on the banks of the mighty Mekong is home to 33 UNESCO listed temples and more bright orange clad monks than you

Riding up to the amazing Kuang Si Waterfall before hiking through the jungle to a tribal village with Grasshopper Bike tours!

After you have toured the temples of the royal city of Luang Prabang then the next must see spot is just a few km from the town. Heading up to the stunning milky turquoise waters of Kuang Si Waterfall we decided to do it a little different and instead rode a bike up the mountainous