How to save for travelling…it’s easier than you think!

When we talk about quitting our jobs to travel the world one of the biggest questions is about money. I guess it’s a natural thing, we believe there is much more to life than money, that in fact you can make your dreams come true at a much cheaper financial price that you expect (as

Why you should add the often overlooked Perth to your Australia adventure!

Being all the way over the other side of the country in the huge expanse that is Western Australia you could be forgiven for skipping the state capital of Perth and heading straight for the East coast! But hold up for a moment there. Before diving into the busy streets of Sydney, the packed bars

The unbelievable paradise Gili islands between Lombok and Bali where you can swim with turtles! Indonesia!

The Gili islands Indonesia are three small Islands (Gili actually means small island in the local language of Lombok) off the coast of Lombok in the sea between it and Bali. These three islands are complete paradise, no cars, continuous immaculate beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters filled with corals and amazing sea life, little cottages

Three of the Most Beautiful Parts of Scotland for a Walking Holiday

Do you enjoy long walks in the countryside? There is nowhere better for this in the UK than Scotland, where you will find all kinds of incredible natural beauty in many amazing places around the country. In addition to the amazing natural beauty, you may also find majestic wildlife, charming villages and friendly locals too.

Why you shouldn’t judge Bali: The beautiful, culture filled and diverse island beyond the tourists!

Bali is a destination that seems to split opinion. Many flock their due to its popularity, especially backpackers and Australian tourists. Others avoid it like the plague exactly because of that, considering it to be too touristy and lacking in real culture. The truth is we were very interested to visit to see the reality

How to get to the paradise islands of Java, Bali, Lombok and the Gilis in Indonesia

Travelling between the islands of Indonesia is pretty easy with most of the most visited being close enough to comfortably take the ferry. However there are many options and booking them can be confusing and often the most irritating part of the journey is organising transport once on the island as public transport in Indonesia

Climbing the smouldering live volcano Kawah Ijen in protective masks for sunrise over the sulphuric acid lake and blue flame crater, Indonesia!

After being on a packed bus for 15 hours, sleeping for 2 and heading up to the impressive Mt. Bromo on Java we could have been forgiven for taking a break! But no, not us! It was onwards and literally upwards to climb our second active volcano in as many days and with probably as

GrandMas Hotel Seminyak, Bali. A modern and trendy getaway in this busy part of the Island!

Choosing the right area to stay in Bali has a great influence on the type of experience you have on this amazing Indonesian Island. Many want to avoid the party atmosphere down on the beach but at the same time don’t want to be too isolated from the action or indeed the ease of being

The mesmerizing trek up volcano Mt Bromo including a 16hr bus and a 2.30am wake up call, Indonesia

We had never heard of Mt. Bromo before heading off to Asia and unlike many big experiences it wasn’t etched onto our Asia bucket list for years! We had been staying in a homestay in the hills of SaPa in rural Northern Vietnam, huddled around a fire and drinking rice wine to stay warm when

A guide to Yogyakarta, the historic heart of Java we fell in love with, Indonesia!

When we heading over to Yogyakarta (pronounced Jogjakarta and often spelt like this too) from Jakarta we had really no idea what there was to do here. In fact we always just saw it as a kind of pit stop for heading off over to Mt Bromo rather than a destination in its own right. But

The incredible ancient Borobudur temple: The largest Buddhist temple in the world, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The largest Buddhist temple in the world, a huge monument to this religion standing mysteriously atop a hill on the outskirts of Yogyakarta. Ever since I saw images of the characteristic and unique perforated stupas around the top of this enormous temple I knew it was somewhere I just had to visit. One of the