Guest post: Laos for Outdoor Junkies

Adventure is a word which goes hand in hand with thrill seekers all over the world. One of the main reasons to travel to various parts of the world is to find new and interesting things to do. It is quite extraordinary to find some amazing activities for thrill seekers in the tiny South East Asian country of Laos. Rich with natural landscapes and abundance of resources such as hills, rivers, forests, caves, lakes, etc, this part of the world is in every sense of the word – an adventurist’s paradise.

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Check out some of the activities which will surely give you a rush if you are looking for it.

Cave exploration

Just imagine yourself walking in water with head torch while pulling yourself by a rope. All this inside a cave and its pitch dark if the light is turned off on the helmet. There are bats inside the caves which does gives an eerie feeling. But it also gives a sudden rush which makes you feel alive.

  laos, adventure activities, kayak, tube, river, water, explore, south east asia, backpacking, cave

River tubing

 Get yourself comfy on a rubber tube and go down the river for as long as you want. There’s absolutely no way you can stop yourself unless someone pulls you in from the banks of the river. The river banks are dotted with bars where you can ask someone to pull you in for a beer or bits of food. But guess what happens when it gets dark and no one see you from the bank. Does get mysterious and bone chilling if you do not have somebody along side for moral support at the least.

Tubing, laos, adventure activities, kayak, tube, river, water, explore, south east asia, backpacking

Jungle ziplining

Ever been jealous of Tarzan the jungle boy? Well here’s your chance to feel like one when you literally hand from a rope to reach the other side of a mountain. Well that doesn’t sound too bad is it. Now imagine the same thing at a height of 1000 feet and you zipline for about 40 seconds downwards to reach the other side. All the while hanging from a rope over the flowing mountain river below. Quite a thrill I must say.


Not much of a thrill seekers activity if you go by the norms but in Laos it is done with a slight twist. Kayaking in water with rapids and that too some massive ones. The kayaks are surely bound to tip over at least twice before you can reach the end of the ride. Anyone looking for a sudden adrenaline rush must take a kayak to the rapids in Laos and test themselves.

laos, adventure activities, kayak, tube, river, water, explore, south east asia, backpacking

Mountain biking

Biking doesn’t necessarily sound thrilling, but trust me when I say that it’s a motorbike; things change. A slight throttle at the wrong time or an untimely brake is all you need to ruin the day or even days. Do make sure to attend the training sessions before going on your own along the mountain side for a thrill of a lifetime.

All in all Laos is the perfect place for thrill seekers to wind up for adventures, parties and experience of a lifetime.

laos, adventure activities, kayak, tube, river, water, explore, south east asia, backpacking


Jyotsna Ramani is a passionate globetrotter who loves to let her hair down and maximise her trips. How does she do that? By traveling on a budget and exploring new places. She travels far and wide (Well, Europe counts, right ?) and then comes back to her blog- to share her experiences. Pretty nifty, eh? So, don’t you want to uncover some secret drinking holes and see awesome new places through her eyes ?

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Nathan Aguilera

I’ve been to Laos twice and both times I thought how much there is to do for people who like outdoor activities. We also did rafting and caving, trekking and swimming. I love Laos!

I really cannot wait to get over there! I feel so inspired! ha ha! Sounds like you had an amazing time!

Great activities Jo. Loved the list and could well imagine myself doing them all. Swimming in that beautiful water in the photo at the end would definitely be a must-do

It’s an awesome list isn’t is! So pleased to have this amazing post on our site from Jo! 🙂

That last photo and the gorgeous blue water – so idyllic! Haven’t made it to Laos yet, but it sounds fantastic! 🙂

Yup thats the Blue Lagoon – excellent for a dip 🙂

We are so excited for Laos now!!!