How to Plan a Trip to Greece on a Budget: Experience this Beautiful Country Without Breaking the Bank!

If you are looking to experience exceptional cuisine, an intriguing history, and beautiful surroundings during a holiday abroad, you should look no further than Greece. There is a misconception that a getaway to Greece can be expensive. However, there are many ways you can reduce your expenditure without compromising on your enjoyment.

To ensure you experience the best of this stunning nation without blowing your budget, find out how to plan a trip to Greece on a budget.

Don’t Travel During Peak Season

While there is never a bad time to visit Greece, you could save a considerable amount of money by travelling off-season. It is common for different destinations, such as Corfu and Crete, to be busy and more expensive from the middle of June to the end of August. So, if you have a limited budget, avoid travelling during peak season.

Book a Villa with Your Family and Friends to Spread the Cost

Book a Luxury Villa with Your Loved Ones Believe it or not, booking one of the luxury Greece Villa Holidays doesn’t need to cost you a substantial sum. Regardless of whether you want to travel to destinations such as Rhodes, Santorini, or Mykonos, you can enjoy both privacy and comfort by staying at a luxury villa with your loved ones.

For example, you could share the cost of the accommodation with your extended family members or friends. Plus, you could stay in a villa that is a stone’s throw away from your destination’s best beaches, restaurants, and attractions.

Buy Food from Local Markets

As a private villa will provide access to your own kitchen, you could save even more money by cooking meals at your accommodation. Rather than experiencing meals at expensive restaurants each night, you should buy food from local markets, which will sell a wide range of produce. For example, you could pay as little as 0.40 Euros for 1.5 litres of water.

Make the Most of Public Transport

Greece is well-regarded for its comprehensive public transport system. Rather than paying for expensive car rentals, you could jump onto one of the many buses, trains, trams, and boats at your destination, which can transport you to different landmarks and attractions, as well as quaint villages. You could also save money on your transportation by booking your tickets in advance. It can also be an excellent way to mix with locals and immerse yourself in Greek culture.

Experience Authentic Greek Cuisine

While there is nothing wrong with occasionally booking a table at a high-end restaurant during your stay, you would be wise to experience more authentic local flavours from street stalls and charming hole-in-the-wall restaurants. They are well-known for providing both locals and tourists with delicious, authentic Greek cuisine, which will offer stunning flavours that will burst onto your tongue. When we visited the island of kos we loved the incredible local food!

For example, you are likely to find the likes of a gyro on every street corner in Greece, which is similar in style to a pita wrap that will feature either chicken and pork with onions, tomatoes, and French fries. It will also cost you little more than €2.50. If, however, you like the thought of skewered meat, souvlaki is a tasty option that is a similar price to a gyro. So, skip the fancy restaurants and experience delicious, inexpensive, and filling street food.

If, however, you do choose to dine at a restaurant, avoid doing so along your destination tourist strip or by the seaside, which can charge extortionate prices for their dishes.

Research Free Admission Days

There are bound to be many attractions you will want to visit once you arrive at your chosen destination in Greece. While many will require you to pay to enter a site, some will also provide days when you can visit a landmark for free. So, you should research any attractions and landmarks you want to visit prior to your holiday, as you could enter for free during your stay.

Book a Free Walking Tour

To save yourself a substantial sum, you could book a free walking tour to explore a destination’s best attractions on foot, which will not cost you a penny. For example, you could explore ancient landmarks and neoclassical monuments when strolling through the city centre. However, make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes to avoid aching feet as you move from A to B.

So, if you want to travel to a stunning Greek destination in 2019 on a budget, bear the above tips in mind when planning your getaway with your family or friends.

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Greece is definitely on my itinerary, when I cycle through Europe. I don’t know how much time I can spend there, though. Brexit will be changing that (I’m also a British citizen). But, as I’m planning on (probably) coming through from Turkey, it will be the first EU country on my route.