Gift The Traveller In Your Life The Ultimate Experience This Christmas!

With the festive season around the corner that inevitable questions comes, “What do we buy (insert name of awkward travel obsessed friend or relative here) for Christmas?” The problem is, after travelling the world and soaking in the idea that experiences are worth so much more than material possessions, well, it becomes very hard for a bog standard gift to really cut it. We get it, it’s not easy and especially this year when most of us are feeling pretty fed up and just want to jump on a plane and head off on an adventure again… a new pair of trainers or a bottle of booze just doesn’t inspire! But worry not, rather than writing Christmas off as inevitable let down of lackluster gifts. Why not give that thing that every traveller values above all else… Experience!

Here’s our guide to the ultimate Christmas gifts for adventure lovers and some experience gift ideas for this year! You can head over the Adrenaline site to find all these gifts mentioned below and more.

So What Is An Experience Gift?

Ok, so you might be wondering what we’re even talking about here, how you can you “gift” someone an experience?

What we’re talking about here is no run of the mill gift. Those socks will eventually wear thin and the bottle of booze will be a distance memory once the headache wears off. These gifts create memories that will last a lifetime, inspiring those that receive them to either continue in their quest to live life to the fullest or to spark within them a desire to seek out new challenges and continue to broaden their horizons.

Sure, a new playstation might take someone to a fantasy world but leaping out of a plane at 14,000 ft is real adventure! The sort that stays with you and fundamentally changes you as a person. These experiences encourage us to go out and treat our world as a playground, to touch, feel and be in the moment rather than interact with our environments through a glass screen!

As travellers we live for the raw emotion REAL experiences gift you, the thrill and excitement of trying something new and living every second of it right there in the moment.

Giving an experience gift is enabling someone to finally tick skydiving or hot air ballooning from their bucket list, coming face to face with a shark in the wild or even something a little more relaxing yet just as thrilling such as swimming with dolphins!

Get Busy Living!

Some Of The Most Popular Experiences Are –

  • Skydiving
  • Diving with Sharks
  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Jet Skiing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Helicopter Rides
  • Quad Biking
  • V8 or Rally Driving
  • Jet Boating

Who Are These Gifts For?

Put simply, these gifts are for anyone who wants to broaden their horizon and take on new and exciting challenges, those who want to experience the thrill of life and not just take it in from the sidelines!

The other great thing about the variety of experiences on offer from Adrenaline is that not all the thrills they offer have to be super physical or absolutely terrifying! Leaping out of a plane might be the ultimate adventure to one person, but equally just the ideal of floating high in the air on a hot air balloon ride or even taking a ghost tour around the haunted Gaol of Brisbane might be enough to ignite a new found sense of adventure. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective to inspire and motivate someone in ways you never imagined!

Hot Air Ballooning!

Here’s a few examples of the different types of experiences available – 

Skydiving from 15,000 ft or indoor skydiving with the kids

Acrobatic flying lesson or a scenic helicopter flight

Jet Boating down a tight canyon or Parasailing on a white sandy beach

Canyoning & Abseiling in the mountains or Hot Air Ballooning over vineyards

Diving with sharks or Swimming with Dolphins or even a dolphin spotting cruise

Flying around a track in a supercar or horse riding through the Tassie backcountry

Boating at The Whitsundays!

How Do I Gift Someone An Experience?

So, you’re on board and ready to rock someone’s world with a Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Hanukkah, birthday or just for the heck of it gift!

Well you’ve got a few options.

You can either select the experience you want to gift them directly, say you know they’ve always wanted to take a trip on the famous Melbourne Hot Air Balloons or skydive over the Whitsundays? Well no worries, you can just go ahead and book that one using the search option!

Heaps of water activities!

Not too sure what they might fancy? You can search by state to see what’s available in your region or if they’re off on a trip soon out of state you could surprise them! You can then narrow it down via price, intensity levels, popularity or just type of experience or you can select ideas for 18th or 50th birthday parties too!

Still can’t decide what they might enjoy? You can instead buy dollar value gift vouchers of either preset amounts or of your choosing which can be used on any of the 2500+ experiences and has a validity of up to 5 years!

What If I’ve Only Got A Modest Budget?

You might think gifting an experience has to be an expensive option compared to a regular gift, thankfully with so many experiences on offer there is something for all occasions and budgets.

Maybe you want to gift someone something low key as a stocking filler or maybe this year you can only afford to spend so much on John from accounts!! No worries, you can either search out some of the great value experiences on offer according to price or instead gift a voucher than can be used as partial payment against some of the more expensive experiences!

What About COVID-19 And Redemption Periods?

All vouchers whether for an experience or monetary value are valid for up to 5 years from purchase so there is no rush to redeem the vouchers straight away, which is especially good to know during this time of uncertainty. It’s also cool because it means you can gift someone a sense of hope and something to look forward to which for us is one of the things COVID-19 has really affected given the sense of the unknown. Adrenaline will also be in touch at least 4 weeks before the experience to let you know of any changes!

Have You Ever Gifted An Experience Instead Of A Regular Gift, Or Received One Yourself? What Was It?

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