Here we share with you all the fabulous opportunities we have had to be involved with other blogs be that through full guest posts, interviews or collaborations, it’s always wonderful to be asked to contribute to such fantastic blogs!
Ultimate List of Travel Bloggers 2018:


These are the ones we worked really hard for!!!

Expedia – Football away game in Moscow

This one is a little but different because we were asked to contribute some tips for visiting Moscow for this collaborative post which aims to help travelling football fans to make the most of their time visiting. This is a pretty cool idea! So we were really pleased to be asked!



Berghaus – Backpacking tips for couples who love adventure

Backpacking is an amazing and life changing experience, one which we as a couple had dreamt of for years. Saving and making sacrifices for this huge global adventure. Having someone to share these once in a lifetime moments and unforgettable experiences can make the journey that much more intense and special. But be warned, bringing along your partner is also a huge test of your relationship! You will be tired, stressed and fed up at times…so here’s a few tips to make it smooth sailing!



BravoFly – Visiting Lake Como from Milan

Our latest instalment in our writing for BravoFly is all about the wonderful Lake Como and how we took a day trip from the fashion capital of Milan to cycle its shores!



Matador Network – Crossing the Ukrainian Border!

One of the ones I am most proud of by far, here I wrote about the hair raising and eye opening border crossing from Poland to Ukraine and the wonderful country we discovered on the other side!


BravoFly – Interlaken Adventures

Our second post in our regular monthly slot for BravoFly, this time we give you the low down on the best adventure activities to try in the amazing Alpine town of Interlaken, Switzerland!



Thought Catalog – Relationships whilst travelling!

Probably one of our proudest moments and when we really started feeling like real travel writers! Have a look at our post “11 ways to have a happy vacation with your significant other” for some tips we have discovered over 13 years together and 29 countries!!



BravoFly – Tokyo Temples

We are pleased to have the opportunity to become a regular writer for the BravoFly Blog. Here is our first contribution where we chronicle the best temples and shrines to visit in Tokyo, Japan!



Buzzfeed: Why we are glad we waited to travel long term



Go Euro: Sicilian Secrets Revealed

We were delighted recently to be invited to write about amazing Sicily on this collaborative post on the Go Euro site! If you are planning on heading over there this is a must read!




BravoFly – Exploring the abandoned Sarajevo Bobsleigh track

Another post for Bravofly! This time we talk about the amazing adventure we had in the Bosnian capital when we made one of our “Urbex bucket list” dreams come true! Exploring the bobsleigh track that once was home to the winter olympics, and then played such an awful part in the war here was moving and amazing in so many ways!



Monarch Blog: Bloggers of the Month, Sept ’15-

This one was a complete surprise and one which we were super happy with! To be included on such a high profile and professional blog connected with a huge travel company felt like quite a landmark for us. It was hugely flattering to be included and also have such a lovely write up about our adventures in Switzerland!


Rochdale Observer (Part of Manchester Evening News)

It was great to be featured in our local news paper about our travels.Oldham Chronicle

Another local paper…that’s what happens when you are from one town but live in another!!

oldham chronicleOldham Chronicle: Break the rules …rule the world

We were also in the printed version of the paper too:



We love doing interviews because it usually challenges us to think about what we do or where we have been from a different perspective!

Nomadic Matt:

One of our all time favourite blogs it was an honour for Matt to feature us on his site.


Travel Tramp:

An interview by one of our favourite blogs, The Travel Tramp is much like us in so many ways as he likes to explore the darker and more mysterious side of travel on his adventures!



There she goes again:

One of the most fun interviews we have had and such an awesome write up from a talented blogger!



Universal Traveller: My City- Manchester

You might already know this, but we love our hometown of Manchester and love singing its praises even more! So when we were asked to take part in this interview all about our city, we jumped at the chance!

Samantha En Route: Featured Blogger-

This month we are the featured bloggers on the awesome blog “Samantha En Route”, check out our interview!

Globetrotters: Travel Interview-

An interesting set of questions from a great blog!


Next Stop Who Knows: Travel Tales –

Next Stop Who Knows are one of our favourite blogs and their travel and stories have been a major influence on both setting up our blog and giving us the confidence and belief that we can travel too. We were recently interviewed and it is an absolute privilege to be featured on their page. See the interview here and be sure to check them out.
This interview is our most indepth yet and we talk about where we have been, our motivations to travel long term, our favourite places and experiences as well as our hopes and plans for the future!

The Journey Journal: Bratislava is a city of contrasts –

We were approached to feature in an article about the misconceptions of Eastern Europe and in particular Slovakia after our recent travels to the area but ended up writing so much (as we loved it) that we ended up with our own interview on this awesome blog!



Here we got the chance to write for some of our favourite blogs and publications with full articles and posts which is massive honour and opportunity for us.

Blue Eyed View: Why Adventure is the Key to Travel-

One of our favourite bloggers and one of the travellers who inspires us most, Kelly from Blue Eyed View recently got in touch to invite us to guest on her awesome blog! Of course, we jumped at the chance to write something for her adventure travel blog. So what better topic that why we think that adventure…of any sort, is the key to real travel!



A Girl and her Passport: 5 Awesome things to do in Manchester-

Y’all know how much we love our home city of Manchester and when we were asked to do a guest post about 5 awesome things to do in Manchester we found it hard to narrow them down! But here we are proud to represent!  



Hostel Geeks: Getting Lost on purpose in Tokyo-

We did a cool and fascinating short story for this great series Hostel Geeks have going on there blog. Here we spoke about the serendipity of getting lost in a new place, totally immersing yourself in a new culture and discovering the amazing and unexpected during our trip to Tokyo!




The Travel Tester: Childhood Travel Memories with Nic –

This was a really great post to be involved with as it really allowed Nic to look back over some of the great memories she has as a child travelling with her family, all the adventures and great places they visited which contributed and shaped her view of travel to this day. There are also some hilarious photos!


TravellingBuzz: Visiting Ukraine and reflections upon the lessons of travel –

Our first official guest post and on one of the blogs we most love! It is a privilege to write this post in which we speak both about our experience visiting Ukraine but also how much that taught us about the importance of being open to new people, places and opportunities as you travel.
Also be sure to check out the rest of Maria’s awesome blog!



EuroTribe: Top 5 things to do in Krakow, Poland-

We recently got the opportunity to write for one of the coolest blogs around and about our favourite subject at the moment: Poland! As you may know we totally fell in love with it and as well as writing our extensive guide on our own blog we wanted to write something a little more manageable for the casual visitor! So check out our favourite things to do in this amazing city!
Also make sure to explore more of Zorica’s wonderful blog!





Little Things Travel: Tour your Hometown: Manchester –

Here we are honoured to be able to share with Little Things Travel all we love about our hometown of Manchester! We have been meaning to write about our awesome city for a while but when we were approached to take part in this series we couldn’t say no! Find out the best places to visit, eat and some other alternative sight seeing in Manchester!

NomadHead: Issue 12 –

We are pleased to say that we have been featured in a great travel e-publication called
“Nomad Head”. It is run my the well travelled William and is a collaborative publication which aims to provide would be gap year adventurers and travellers alike with all the information and inspiration they could ever need! It is also FREE and available to download on Ipad/ Iphones, so check it out!

We contributed to Issue 12 by talking about our adventure out east: Tokyo! The piece that we wrote was inspired not only my the life changing trip but also by the presentation Nic did for her MA shortly after arriving back home and how it changed our outlook and made us consider the idea of “Getting Lost on Purpose!”

Nomad Head download FREE for Ipad/ IPhone



Interviews, collaborations, lists and mini articles/ posts we have been involved or included in!

Slow Travel Guide: Is Turkey safe to visit

We love Turkey and it’s still one of our favourite countries in the world years after first visiting. So when we were asked to contribute to this post it was an honour to endorse such a great but misunderstood country.


Travel stories untold: 26 best places to visit in England

We were asked to contribute to a guide of the best places to visit in England. Of course, we picked our hometown, the incredible city of Manchester!


Thrifty travels: Best things to do in Berlin with kids

We were asked by this wonderful blog after our recent trip to Berlin to offer our tips for places to see in this great city. We offered up something a little different but something we think is very important, especially when educating children to the history of Germany, Europe and specifically Berlin.


The Globetrotting GP: Travel photography accessories

We were asked to contribute to this travel photography accessories post by this wonderfully talented photographer and blogger. See what we picked here:


Map Trotting:10 Exciting Travel Blogger Couples to follow in 2017

Another awesome list to be featured in alongside some of our favourite couple bloggers out there! We can’t thank you guys enough for thinking of us and we are once again honours to be listed alongside these other amazing bloggers!


Travelling Weasels: Around the world in 80 Instagram photos

The Travelling Weasels are one of our all time favourite blogs out there, so to be featured on their stunning post along with so many other amazing bloggers is an honour! So check out the most inspiring instagram accounts out there!!



Contented Traveller: 40 of the best street art captures on Instagram

We love street art so when we were asked to contribute to this fun, colourful and artistic post we were delighted! Here is a tour around the world via its amazing street art. But which street art did we include?



Wander with Jo: 200+ amazing sunset pictures of 2016

We were included in this stunning collaboration post where we shared one of our best sunset photos of this year alongside 200 other bloggers! But where was it taken?!



Teacake Travel: Bloggers unmissable best vacation spots in the world for 2016!

This is such a fun and inspiring post to be part of, so many amazing places around the world to choose from, but we had to go with our new favourite: Slovenia!



For The Love Of Wanderlust: 46 bloggers share their favourite man made site of Europe!

A cool post where we shared our favourite man made site in the Europe…what would it be?


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 14.53.47

Anita Hendrieka: 65 stunning paradises around the world

A beautiful post to be involved with, find out where our paradise is…hint: It’s not a beach!



Like riding a bicycle: Weird shit in your pack!

Such a fun post to be involved in! Who knew we never go anywhere without Zubat in our pack!! ha ha.



Happiness and Things: Travellers share their most dangerous destinations and what they were really like!

Something a little different here but fun to write about our visit to Ukraine and how different the country is to how it is perceived in the media.



A Brit and A Southerner: 15 Sporting Events You Need To See At Least Once!

We love going to watch live sporting events so this is such a cool post to be involved in. There were many we could have chosen from, a premier league football game, Baseball game in New York or Tokyo? But we chose Le Tour De France. What an amazing experience!




Travel Candy: 10 city breaks LOVED by the world’s top travel bloggers!

We love weekend city breaks and living in Europe makes them super easy! Find out what our top pick was as well as some awesome inspiration for your short breaks!



That Adventurer: Where are all the female adventurers

What an awesome post!! I was invited to be interviewed to be included on this list of female adventurers which makes me super proud to be alongside such awesome girls!! Some amazing inspiration to get out there and have some epic adventurers! 

www.thatadventurer.co. uk/where-are-all-the-female-adventurers/

Casual Traveler: Most romantic places in the USA

Well, we were asked to pick our favourite city in the world…and after getting married there is it any wonder we chose New York City!! So we have been included on this fun post celebrating the most romantic spots in the US!