Our dream Iceland bucket list itinerary: How we want to explore this amazing island!

Iceland seems to have grown and grown in popularity over the last few years and we certainly have been taking note! From a little known and presumed lump of ice somewhere in Northern Europe it has become THE place to visit. Boasting some of the most incredible and unspoilt natural scenery, breathtaking experiences and bucket list adventures aplenty, it is somewhere we have dreamt of visiting these past few years. However, seeing as we are currently travelling around the complete opposite site of the world we thought instead we’d put together our fantasy bucket list Iceland adventure for future reference! If you’ve been, feel free to comment anywhere we missed!

Whale Watching

Iceland is surrounded by some amazing wildlife and the most magnificent has the be the Blue Whales. It is the worlds largest animal and one of 20 species that call this incredible island home including Humpback Wales, Minke and even Killer Whales! It is said to be one of the most amazing and awe inspiring experiences that really does change your outlook on life, seeing such amazing creature has to be up there on our bucket list and is one of the must do Iceland tours.

Glacier Hiking

Iceland by its very nature is a huge lump of ice, filled with incredible caves and glaciers just waiting to be explored. Adventuring across this wild and untouched wilderness landscape, taking in the ancient blue ice and beautiful tundra in something we can’t wait to do. One of the most famous is the Solheimajokull ice cave and glacier hike which is easily done with a guide for some of the most wonderful views on the island.

Take in the incredible Northern Lights

Top of many bucket lists out there, the Aurora Borealis is one of the most incredibly powerful and moving natural phenomenon you could ever experience. Brightening up the nights sky in a dancing display of light and colour, Iceland is the perfect spot to catch this amazing sight. Heading out of the urban centres is the best way to catch the Northern Lights at their most intense!

White water rafting and kayaking

We love white water rafting and kayaking and always take the chance to jump back in the water and do it again somewhere else. Iceland has some of the most wonderful runs in the world where they combine dramatic rapids with peaceful stretches of water meaning you can both enjoy the thrill of the adventure but also kick back and take in some magnificent views from this most perfect vantage point! What could be better!

Chill out in the Blue Lagoon

Probably the most famous attraction on Iceland but a title that is has well earned! The natural geothermal spa has wonderful milky blue waters that sit around the 37–39 °C mark all year round, providing a relaxing and enticing experience no matter how cold it might be! Containing silica mud and many natural healing benefits as well as being surrounded by incredible scenery this is one place to jump straight in off that long flight! If the Blue Lagoon is out of budget or a little too touristy for your liking then there are also several other lagoons to explore too! 

Explore the incredible waterfalls

Iceland is not just full of frozen water, but when the water thaws and flows the islands hundreds of waterfalls come alive with a power like no other. Exploring Iceland there are so many incredible waterfalls to choose from, some being more popular and others a little on the obscure side, whatever takes your fancy there are too many to explore in just one trip! The most popular include Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall, said to be the countries most beautiful and also within a short distance to the capital. Dettifoss is the most powerful in Europe and was even featured in the opening scene of Prometheus. Another is the Seljalandsfoss, an incredible waterfall that is accessible from all sides to get some beautiful shots from all angles.

Kirkjufell Mountain

The Kirkjufell mountain, which literally translates to church mountain, is one of the most iconic images of Iceland. Jutting out with its characteristic shape against the flat landscape in which it sits it create a dramatic and powerful image that many come here to capture. It’s position on the coast too is also beautifully unique and had provided sailors a way marker for centuries before it became a popular tourist spot. This is also a perfect spot to take part in one of the amazing professional photography workshop in Iceland to make sure you capture it in all its glory!

Swim between two continents

Iceland sits in between the European and North American tectonic plates, just one of the reasons that there is so much volcanic activity in this area! Not only has this phenomenon created this wonderful place but it also provides a really unique opportunity to experience swimming literally between continental plates. In the brisk but perfectly clear waters you can swim through the Silfra fissure, one of the worlds top dive sites and some of the purest water in the world! 

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