Spend this Christmas in London: One of the most magical Christmas experiences!

London is one of the best cities to spend the festive season with your significant other. The bright lights, snow gently falling to the ground around you, huddling up warm next to the fire and of course all that history. It really is a romantic and exciting place to be any time of year, but at Christmas it is alongside New York City as one of the ultimate destinations to celebrate!

December is a great time to spend a holiday in London as the city is at its attractive best with amazing street decorations and lighting. Christmas trees pop up all over the city and it is a good time to snag some of the best special offers and discounts. The city begins its festive preparations from around early November, with the Christmas lights coming on at Oxford Street and other markets across London at this time.

It is also a good time to look for discounted hotel prices and various shopping deals. Staying in central London is ideal, with the Park Grand London Paddington Hotel a fine choice of accommodation in the centre of the city.

Some of the activities to enjoy in London, this Christmas are:

Go on a shopping spree

The shopping options are simply mind-blowing in London, ranging from the best of high-end shopping at Harrods to Christmas themed pop-up markets. Expect to bump into Santa at many of the locations with London being one of the most exciting destinations to shop in the festive season. Liberty of London is the oldest department store in the city and is known for its beauty products, a fabulous variety of stationery and accessories etc. But whatever you are after London has it, one of our favourite places in the city to shop alternative is Camden Markets which come even more alive than they are for the rest of the year. London also has some amazing and fun Christmas markets too where you can buy handcrafted gifts and incredible food from all over the world, or just keep warm with some mulled wine!

See the wonderful decorations

London’s Christmas décor is second to none with the city’s Christmas tree decorations among the finest in Europe. Drop in at Trafalgar Square to admire one of the largest Christmas trees beautifully decorated and lit up. The tree is a Christmas gift sent every year from Norway since 1947, as a token of gratitude for the assistance extended by the British during WWII. If you are looking for one of the more elegant high-end decorations, Oxford Street is the place to head. Other areas famous for their Christmas lighting and décor include Covent Garden, Bond Street, Kew Gardens and Regent Street among other locations.

Experience the magic of Hogwarts in the snow

You can’t come to London without experiencing Hogwarts and all of the incredible Harry Potter related fun there is to have around the city. But exploring Warner Bros studios done up for Christmas, is just a truly magical and unforgettable experience. Hogwarts in the snow is a fairytale with the Gryffindor common room filled with Christmas treats,  Christmas trees line the Great Hall and a feast is laid out and transformed for the Yule Ball. You can even have your own 2 course meal in these incredible surroundings.

Enjoy ice-skating

What better way to spend a cold winter day than by getting on your skates and heading to the fantastic open-air ice rink at Somerset House, Ice skating in London at Christmas is a magical experience! Enjoy skating or you could choose to be part of the audience and see the skaters in action, against the stunning backdrop of the venue. Somerset House’s Christmas tree is wonderfully decked out with amazing Christmas decorations making it a treat to behold. Later warm up on a classy cocktail in the elegant Skate Lounge or trot along to Fortnum’s Christmas Arcade to do some last minute shopping. If you are a creature of the night, try the ‘Skate Lates’ this Christmas, which will feature stars from the world of music in the evenings.


Competition time: Escape the cold for Florida instead!

Ok, so London might be great at Christmas time but lets me honest, it gets bloody cold and by the time January comes around you’ve just about had enough! If you’re anything like us then all you want for Christmas is to escape the weather on a Ocean-Florida holiday and soak up the sun by the pool rather than shivering around the fireplace! We have fond memories as children visiting Universal In Orlando  but now we’re adults, why wait until the summer to go when it’s freezing back home!

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Have you been to London at Christmas or any other time of year? What are your recommendations?

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