Live life 100%, Make your Dreams happen & don’t sell your life away!

I recently read “Vagabonding” by Rolf Potts and whole heatedly recommend it, especially if you are looking for some motivation to travel and leave your 9-5, pre-planned life behind for one of adventure and dream making! Sometimes it seems things align and just make sense, reading this book, travelling through Poland and Ukraine, reorganising our lives to travel

2013…Is this a resolution?

So, after a great 2012 (Summary Post) we get ready to welcome in 2013 with great hopes and aspirations. I haven’t really make New Years resolutions in the past if I’m honest and I’m not sure if this counts as one or not. But I do usually make a note of things I want to achieve and some plans

2012….What a year!

Well, where do I start. 2012 has been a great year, it started last year with us both taking up climbing and that really changed our outlook. I decided that I would start taking opportunities, putting myself out to do more stuff and meet new people. I have done that, I have done so many