The beautiful lakes of Interlaken

Interlaken…it gets it’s name from well, being literally surrounded by lakes and water! Lake Breinz and Lake Thun which sit either side of the town are not only some of the most stunning in Switzerland but in the entire world. No wonder they named the town in acknowledgement of these lakes! Here’s a guide to

Harder Kulm: The Top of Interlaken!

Harder Kulm is a mountain of 4,337 ft which overlooks the amazing Swiss town of Interlaken. Despite being dwarfed by the several 10,000ft peaks which surround the town it still offers be best views of Interlaken (unless of course you go Paragliding!) and is also one of very few cheap excursions in what is a

Canyoning in the epic Chli Schliere, SWITZERLAND!

 Canyoning… we love it! Jumping off cliffs into rivers, sliding down the most amazing natural slides or rappelling down immense waterfalls, it’s something we can’t get enough of. But where do fans of canyoning head to, Chli Schliere of course! Ever since our first taste of canyoning we have had this amazing place on our bucket