Exploring Communist Bratislava

 Bratislava is a city with a delightful mix of cultures and one which may take you by surprise. The old town and centre of this compact city is, as you might expect for this region, full of wonderful old and detailed buildings which line the cobbled streets. However communism has left its mark on this

The reality of Belfast, Northern Ireland & keeping an open mind whilst travelling

Belfast and Northern Ireland. For many these words sound out like warning, a beacon of trouble and a place to avoid. After watching the relatively recent depiction of Belfast on the popular series “Son’s of Anarchy” I couldn’t help but feel my heart drop at the stereotypical, archaic and frankly offensive portrayal of a city and

Visiting the Mausoleum of Lenin… A relic of the Soviet Union!

Мавзоле́й Ле́нина or Lenin’s mausoleum has become the quintessential remaining symbol of communist Russia, an arguably outdated relic, it’s controversy and historical importance make it a must see when visiting Moscow.  We took the chance to experience this strange artefact of Russia’s soviet past… Russia may have changed a lot since the days of the Soviet Union, there

Dovestones Tunnel URBEX & Hike

After going here there and everywhere looking for some fun we decided to head over to Dovestones, we ended up having a walk up to the summit and also exploring a tunnel which cuts through the landscape. There is also a factory up here we had our eyes on but that will have to wait