Failsworth Mill (R & J Partington). URBEX

Last weekend we had planned on going over to Greenfield to try Robert Fletcher’s Paper mill, but we soon realised as it was Mothers day the trip over was going to be too far. So on the way over to the parents house we decided to pay Failsworth Mill a visit, this place is actually

Hartford Mill, Oldham. URBEX

I had heard about this place from 28dayslater but hadn’t really thought much more of it until we were on the tram one day, which we did only because the trains were not running. There from the station at Freehold I saw this magnificent old mill and for curiosities sake needed to have a closer

St. Luke’s Hospital…URBEX

I have been interested in visiting this place for a while now after seeing photos and reports online, I had been told due to the state it was in it wasn’t worth the effort. But honestly although it is a bit of a DERP I do love the aesthetic of a completely derelict building and

Mayfield Station/ Depot… URBEX.

What started as a bit of a recce ended up with climbing on the outside of the building 30ft in the air and finally visiting one of the places I have had on my list for a long while, and in enough time to see it before the entire roof was pulled down. Ghost stations

Premier Inn Rooftop. URBEX

This is an exploration I have wanted to do for a while and once we finally got up there the views were well worth the wait… Visited by: Nic, Ojay, Shorty, Lee Well, I have managed to be lucky enough to see my city from below and now I have been able to see its

Dodge Hill Air Raid Shelter, Stockport. URBEX

We decided to head over to Stockport to check out the air raid shelters over there, I had been told access was quite easy and that there were great photography opportunities down there. Places like this really give you a sense of not only exploration and adventure but history too. Visited by: Nic, Shorty, Liam,

Victoria Arches, Manchester. URBEX

Manchester’s Victoria Arches, or Cathedral Steps is a legendary Urban Exploring location and I have wanted to get into here for a while now. We got lucky in the connections we had through friends and were not disappointed by what we found. Visited by: Nic, Shorty, Lee, Ojay History: The history of the arches is vast and fascinating. Dating

Greenbooth Reservoir. Rochdale. URBEX

This was a “Mini Urbex” really if anything as our plan to go down the overflow didn’t happen and we were helping out Dean with his highline, but it was our chance to get out and meet up with Ojay. We had been keen to meet up with Ojay to talk about exploring and Dean