Dovestones Tunnel URBEX & Hike

After going here there and everywhere looking for some fun we decided to head over to Dovestones, we ended up having a walk up to the summit and also exploring a tunnel which cuts through the landscape. There is also a factory up here we had our eyes on but that will have to wait

Victoria Train Station/ Optimus Prime… URBEX

This was most definitely our most exciting and audacious explore to date. It involved the exploration of a place which I have used too many times to count as a gateway to the city and many adventures, to see it from this perspective is what urban exploring is all about. Some History: The River and Optimus Prime The massive

Rock Nook Mill (Fothergill & Harvey) URBEX

Fothergill and Harvey’s factory is actually just around the corner from where I live and at one point was the centre of the industrial revolution in Littleborough and has, over the years, been a staple of employment in the area. The building is now a derelict relic of that era. Visited by: Nic, Shorty, Ben

Failsworth Mill (R & J Partington). URBEX

Last weekend we had planned on going over to Greenfield to try Robert Fletcher’s Paper mill, but we soon realised as it was Mothers day the trip over was going to be too far. So on the way over to the parents house we decided to pay Failsworth Mill a visit, this place is actually