Dovestones Tunnel URBEX & Hike

After going here there and everywhere looking for some fun we decided to head over to Dovestones, we ended up having a walk up to the summit and also exploring a tunnel which cuts through the landscape. There is also a factory up here we had our eyes on but that will have to wait

Victoria Train Station/ Optimus Prime… URBEX

This was most definitely our most exciting and audacious explore to date. It involved the exploration of a place which I have used too many times to count as a gateway to the city and many adventures, to see it from this perspective is what urban exploring is all about. Some History: The River and Optimus Prime The massive

Rock Nook Mill (Fothergill & Harvey) URBEX

Fothergill and Harvey’s factory is actually just around the corner from where I live and at one point was the centre of the industrial revolution in Littleborough and has, over the years, been a staple of employment in the area. The building is now a derelict relic of that era. Visited by: Nic, Shorty, Ben