5 Amazing Things to do in Queenstown for Free

“The adventure awaits” is a commonly used phrase by travel websites and blogs when encouraging people to travel to Queenstown, New Zealand. It’s true, too–Queenstown is one of the world’s premier adventure towns  because there are few places that produce as much excitement and adrenaline. In Queenstown, there’s incredible nightlife, bungee jumping, downhill luge, ziplining,

Snow Slackline & Snow Pug!

So, it has been snowing recently and although I hate winter and being cold you can’t let that stop you getting out and enjoying yourself! We decided this was a good opportunity to try snow slacking! The thing here is that we are no good slacking in shoes, what ever I try I just can’t

Greenbooth Reservoir. Rochdale. URBEX

This was a “Mini Urbex” really if anything as our plan to go down the overflow didn’t happen and we were helping out Dean with his highline, but it was our chance to get out and meet up with Ojay. We had been keen to meet up with Ojay to talk about exploring and Dean