Backpacking down under: Stay connected whilst travelling across Australia!

Australia might be a trail blazer, a brave new world on the other side of the planet with vast swathes of beaches, ocean roads, deserts and incredible landscapes just waiting to be plastered all over Instagram! But wait a minute! Australia also has notoriously some of the worst Wi-Fi in the world (Ok, it’s not that bad but for a country like Aus its pretty bad!) and add that to the lack of connectivity in many of the more remote areas of the country and you might find yourself completely shut out from not only your all important insta followers, but emergency services too! Staying connected whilst exploring this great land is a must! Here are our tips!

Travelling across Australia: The adventure of a lifetime!

Setting out in a camper van, or as we did the first time, a station wagon, the open road ahead, ready to tackle this great land and the adventure of a lifetime. Australia has so much to offer the traveller, from open plains of burning red sand to crashing blue waves and bustling cities. It’s somewhere we instantly fell in love with and a place every traveller must visit at least once. It’s the most perfect place for a road trip, whether you’re in a fancy camper, an old beat up station wagon or a fancy new SUV it’s aways an incredible experience.

Travelling in your own transport through this vast and untamed land is a real eye opener to just how diverse Australia is; in culture, climate, landscape and geography, there really is nowhere like it. But in visiting those way out places where life is very different than the busy streets of our adoptive home of Melbourne poses as many challenges as it does rewards. One of them is staying connected!!

Staying connected in Australia: A surprisingly challenging task!

One might think when visiting such a modern and forward thinking nation such as Australia connectivity would be the last thing you might need to worry about! Unfortunately not! Whether that be the troubles with National Broadband or just the sheer scale of the country and the challenge it poses when making sure every inch is covered and connected. Or maybe you’re just missing home and want to use those expensive international calls to keep your friends and family in the loop.

Another challenge is contracts and locked in deals. Even if you plan on being in this incredible country for an extended period of time, as a backpacker, flexibility is key. Some of the better plans are often reserved for those who sign up to length deals that don’t suit travellers who might only be here for a few weeks or months, meaning you might end up on a cheap low quality pay as you go plan with a company that doesn’t provide the optimal range of coverage when you need it most and charges a lot for it! Shopping around and getting the perfect pay as you go mobile plan with no lock in contracts and superb coverage is a challenge, but we found amaysim covers all those requirements and more.

Keeping connected and keeping safe in this beautiful and wild land

Keeping connected in Australia isn’t just about being able to phone home or update your followers on your newest shot, it’s about safety too. Australia is a wild and untamed land with all kinds of dangers, one of the biggest being stranded in the middle of nowhere in the blistering heat! Whether you’re in the outback with a popped tire, surrounded by brown snakes in the bush or considering a nip in some shark infested waters, you need to be able to keep in contact in case of either emergencies or to avoid one in the first place!

Thankfully there are companies out there such as Amaysim that make this so simple and easy. They really are a lifesaver as well as making sure your trip is even more epic than you ever imagined. I mean, who doesn’t want to facetime their Mum from Uluru or The Great Ocean Road??!!


Our top tips for making sure you stay on the grid in Australia

Staying connected across Australia sounds like a pain, but it’s actually not too bad, as long as you connect to the right service. Thankfully Amaysim is one such provider that offers great-value mobile plans, that are backed by awesome network coverage. All their mobile plans include unlimited local calls and texts and unlimited international calls and texts to 10 countries – all you’ll need to do is pick how much data you require each month and the rest is history – the perfect option for travellers! If coverage is your main concern, the good news is that they use the Optus 4G Plus Network which covers 98.5% of Aussies. If you’ve previously set-up an Aussie SIM card and we’re looking for a better deal, you can easily transfer your current Aussie number to Amaysim with no downtime or extra costs involved.

Our experience driving across and around this wonderful country on limited coverage.

Our first time traversing Australia we made the huge mistake of buying the cheapest plan out there with a company that whilst in Melbourne worked fine for us, but as soon as we headed out of the city… nothing! At this point we had no idea we had many other options and we had already committed to our phone numbers with jobs, friends and family! We spent many hours on long rural roads without any signal and ended up lucky not to need any assistance whilst cut off from the outside world. We also found it difficult to keep in contact with people back home without international calls, so of course, they worried about us when we appeared to have dropped off the face of the earth!!

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We are lucky enough that we had another couple of camper van trips around this beautiful country and here we learnt our lesson from the first. This time we made sure to stay connected and get a much better phone plan that suited our needs as backpackers on the move. No worries if we came across a stray roo at night or just wanted a chat with home whilst catching some rays on some of the world’s most incredible beaches, we always had the world on hand and it was much more reassuring!

Have you travelled around Australia? What are your tips for staying safe and connected?

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