Our bucket list plan to explore the wild land of Tibet

After visiting China at the start of our Asia backpacking adventures we were always curious about the region of Tibet. An area that is torn with the rule of China and the claims of national sovereignty that has raged for years, this is against a backdrop of beautiful scenery, incredible culture and a land not […]

Our pick for the best beaches in the world after 60+ countries!

We have to admit, we’ve never really been beach people! But travelling through South East Asia and Australia we might have just been converted!! We usually head straight for the mountains, trekking through jungles or even exploring a great city, but we’ve always got a little bored on trips to the beach! However, we never […]

Enjoy Something a Little Different in Rome

When visiting the bigger, more popular destinations, like Rome, it is all too easy to be drawn towards the tourist traps. There are some things everyone seems to do. If you stick to doing those only you are going to be missing out, big time. As you will see there is a lot more to […]

6 Awesome Things To Do in South Asia

South Asia offers a wide array of fun excursions and tours, making it an excellent destination for touring. Here are some of the top 6 awesome Things To Do in South Asia; Things To Do in South Asia: Bali Free Diving The best time to tour Bali for free diving is from April to October. […]

Best phone Apps For Travel: The Ultimate list!

We all have seem to have a phone with us now when we travel, but do we realise just how helpful it can be!! From booking flights, to free calls home, finding your way to your accommodation and communicating with locals…or even just keeping you entertained on long journeys! There are a whole host of […]

Be Inspired by the Best Places to Eat Ice Cream in Australia

When you think of Australia, what are the first things that spring to mind? If you asked us that question, we’d give you the following list: sun, sea, sand, surfers, and soft and creamy ice cream. That’s why we think our overseas cousins could offer the perfect example if you’re in need of some dessert-worthy […]

4 Great Places to Visit Outside of London

Whilst London might be your first port of call when visiting the UK, by making a little bit of time to see a few sights outside of the capital, you’ll be in for a treat! There are loads of great places to explore on day trips from London, including impressive castles, mysterious archaeological sights and […]

Travel Accessories to Get Enough Sleep While You’re on the Go

So you’re supposed to be having the time of your life eh? Travelling the globe, seeing the wonders of the world, getting involved in crazy adventures, meeting new and interesting people. But so far you’ve snoozed at the Great Wall of China, slept through sunrise at Angkor Wat and snored your way through countless other […]