5footway.inn: A trendy new hostel making waves on the Singapore Boat quay and completely blowing your perceptions of hostels out of the water!

We love hostels, and we are passionate about spreading the word that rather than some dingy party hostel or a squalid backpacker joint the concept is a changing and developing one. The rise of boutique hostels with both designer dorms and creative private rooms blur the line between the hotel and the hostel. These spaces allow for a much more social, unique and energetic vibe whilst also providing a clean, modern and often more sophisticated environment in which to stay. At 5footway.inn: Project Boat Quay in Singapore we found the perfect place to relax, take in this amazing city and socialise with other travellers!

A perfect location right in the heart of diverse Singapore

Being on the Singapore Boat Quay is a perfect central location from which to discover the different sides of this amazing city. From here you are literally within one of the old Chinese merchants houses right on the docks of the Singapore river. An area that just 50 years ago was awash with the chaos of the floating markets seen often throughout South East Asia. But today the area has a lively and modern feel whilst retaining many of its historical features, a tell tail sign is the signature Singapore skyline that sits just behind these old shophouses. This means that right here on the trendy Clarke Quay you are right in the heart of the Singapore action and yet at the same time you get to experience the diverse and fascinating culture of this city from within the walls that you sleep!

Why “5footway.inn?” Well we learned something new ourselves about this region on our visit here. In Singapore and Malaysia it rains a lot, and when it’s not raining it is beating down with the sun! So all of the traditional shopfronts were designed with a “5 foot way”, a covered passage outside of the shops and before the pavement and road, offering not only shelter but an area that became synonymous with eating, drinking and socialising!

Designed with functionality, style and creativity in mind

Some hostels just get things right from the off, they seem to just think of everything and get those details right that make your stay perfect. Lights by beds, good lockers, stylish and spacious design which offers both privacy and opportunities to socialise. 5footway.inn is the perfect blend between style, function, creativity and history, combining these elements to create a clean and welcoming boutique environment. Each room is uniquely designed with the traveller in mind to rest their weary limbs after a day exploring this wonderful city, we loved the little quirks such as the pallet beds and floating bunks!

A concept which allows you to explore the unique culture of Singapore

Dotted all around the hostel are not just trendy design elements but notes on Singapores culture that really allow you to explore the city from the moment you wake up. The entire place is also an art gallery, from paintings and graphic design celebrating the food, people and neighbourhoods of Singapore to the huge photo exhibition that is centred around the stylish terrace area.

Combine these with the many original features that remain in this century old property and you really get to embrace the unique culture of Singapore!

Browsing artwork and sipping coffee over views of the Marina bay: A perfect abode that is changing the concept of the hostel

One of the undeniably impressive features of this hostel is the morning view, from the terrace of the old shop front you can sip your coffee and crunch your cereal looking out over the landmark Marina Bay Sands. Watch the people go by below whether they are suits off to work in the high rises, tourists getting the early morning snaps or local boat men setting up their rigs.

The trendy and artistic space created here really does blow all preconceptions about hostels out of the water. Now more than ever these boutique spaces offer more flexibility, unique features, artistic layouts and of course better value for money than the traditional hotel as well as offering a much more social environment!

Have you ever stayed in such a trendy and contemporary space?

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Disclaimer: This post was in partnership with 5footway.inn. As always, all opinions are our own!

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