The Importance of Research Before a Long-Distance Move

While some people stay in their hometown for their entire lives, others get out there and move quite often. While it can be fun to do a cross-country move or even overseas move, there is also a lot of different costs and stressors involved. However, one thing that can help to alleviate the stress is to do your research. We recently lived in Australia for a year, calling Melbourne our home for 7 months of that year. After feeling like home, we’ve began thinking about making it our home in the future and that comes with many complications, logistics and planning ahead! 

Research can give you peace of mind and help you know that everything will be okay. In particular, here are three things that you should be sure to research ahead of time, before making your big move across the country or world.

Researching Your New City and Neighbourhood

While this should be a given, it is incredibly important to research information about the city that you will be moving to. Not only looking at photos or the various fun things to do, but crunching numbers. You should look at crime, cost of living, taxes, home prices, and more.

Not only is it important to read online about the city you are moving to, but it can also be incredibly valuable to actually go and visit the city and stay there for a period of time. You may love a city from the pictures, videos and reviews, but until you go there and live for a little, you may never really know what it’s like.

Also, don’t forget about the neighbourhood. Most big cities can vary greatly from one neighbourhood to another. So while knowing about your city is important, so is finding out some info about your neighbourhood such as the school system, access to amenities, crime statistics and more.

Choose Your Movers Carefully

This is a big one, as nearly everything you own will be thrown into a truck (or multiple trucks) and driven hundreds (or thousands) of miles to your new home. As you could imagine, it is extremely important that you put a lot of thought into which movers you go with. They should not only be experienced, but should have a good record when it comes to moving things without damaging them. Interestingly, we are currently living in New Zealand for a year and Paul just got a job working for a large removal firm, one that is concerned with not only local moves but cross country and overseas. So getting to see how ideas are handles and also the customs process has been really interesting especially given our future plans. 

Also, don’t forget about your car. Unless you do not need a car in the city you are moving to, you will often require the help of an auto shipper to get your car to it’s new home as safe as possible. There are many auto transport companies out there, but thankfully, there are several auto transport reviews out there to make sure you are going with a reputable and dependable company. Just also consider whether its best to sell before or transport, we recently were told of some family members who decided to ship their van to New Zealand, this cost them over £12,000 in transport and customs costs alone! For them they could have sold before and bought a camper here and saved a LOT of money! Consider that the entire car might have to be stripped down and rebuilt by customs and you will be charged for this, plus storage costs during this time!! Ouch! 

Make Sure Your New Home is Ready

When someone is moving to a new city, they hardly ever do it without first securing a new home or apartment to live in. However, you not only need to secure a new place, but also need to make sure that it is ready to move into as soon as you get to the city.

This small mixup of getting the wrong date for move-in or possession date may seem small, but it won’t feel so small when you show up at the doorstep with a U-Haul full of your things, only to find out you can’t move your stuff in until the next week. Know the exact date and time that you can move in, and plan your trip accordingly.

In conclusion, these are three incredibly important things to know about and research before you set off on your long-distance move. The last thing you want is to be blindsided when you don’t like your new city or neighbourhood, don’t have your car arriving on time or can’t move into your new house. Researching intelligently can help ease the ever-present stress during a long distance move. Additionally, you can delegate your custom research to expert writers from research paper service such as

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