8 Simple Tips To Really Enjoy Your Holiday

Traveling is an enjoyable experience if you know how to make the most of it. Simply booking a flight to a popular travel destination, seeing the sights and taking pictures isn’t enough. You can have a wonderful time and experience a more fulfilling travel each time you go on a trip. Here are some simple tips on how to really enjoy your holiday:

Start your holiday early

It is absolutely amazing how much difference this can make for your next holiday by simply starting things early. This may sound a little strange and how would that ever be possible, but with airport hotels it is a very big reality. You simply head to the hotel the night before, because what would you be doing anyway? It doesn’t matter if its Gatwick Airport hotels or somewhere else, try it out, because it is so much more fun rushing to get to your flight. Enjoy all the best parts of staying in a hotel and then head leisurely over to the airport (within minutes) and get on the plane. It is is as simple as that.

Don’t Pack Too Much Or Too Little

You’re not going to move house, so it’s important to take only what you actually need. Writing a list of the essential things you’ll need for the trip is the best way to do things and when you have the list ask the question: “do I even need this much?”. From there you can cut it down further. One other advantage of this is having more room to bring something nice back. Remember, quality over quantity.

Know Your Destination

One way you can truly enjoy a holiday is to read up on what that place is all about. Get a city map and peg down the best places to go. Familiarise yourself with the local attractions and know the best time to go there. Each culture is different for each city, so you may need to do research on where they go and what they do during their spare time. Instead of wasting time getting lost and looking for directions, you’ll know where to go. This is so much better than wasting all your time wondering what to do whilst you are actually on holiday, it should all be done beforehand! Though, sometimes getting lost on purpose is a fun way to explore a new city when you have the time!

Schedule Downtime

Seeing the sites and experiencing new cultures is amazing, and what makes travel so spectacular. But you need to give yourself a bit of time now and then to just stop, relax and process everything you’ve experienced. Book yourself a good massage for an hour and just let yourself relax. I guess people just need to take a moment now and then to really settle down and relax before they get back to the exciting chaos that travelling can bring.

Learn the local language

You won’t need to master it- just a few useful words and phrases are all you need to get by. This becomes a bit more important if you’re heading to a destination where the majority of the people don’t speak English or your native language. Also, it’s always a plus for the locals to see you well-versed in their dialect.

Learn New Things

If you like biking, why not rent a bike or a scooter and travel around parks and popular trails? Holiday places can be an unforgettable experience because it’s one place you can do things that can’t be experienced at home. Remember to always take precautions to make it an exhilarating, yet safe adventure.

Start Early

Time is of the essence, and this is also true when going on vacations. You can save valuable time waiting less in queues and more time seeing the sights. The day is significantly longer, which means you can see more of the local attractions. Keep in mind to balance it, as you can’t possibly wake up early after a night of hard partying.

Make Time For A No-Plan Day

Having a packed schedule can be taxing for the body and the senses. Make sure to schedule one day where there’s no plan. You are free to go wherever you want and do anything you want. This makes the vacation a bit more spontaneous while being relaxing.

Absorb the Local Culture

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This means you eat where the locals eat, go where they go on weekends, and shop where they shop. If you can, use the public transport. This can save you money while immersing yourself in the city’s true heartbeat.


GPS is the preferred map of today and it isn’t hard to see why with so many smartphones having GPS. You don’t even need an internet connection to use it. Bring it with you wherever you go and you can use it to be efficient and visit everywhere you want to go!

Nicola Hilditch-Short

Nic is one half of the Roaming Renegades, a passionate traveller, climber, adventurer, photographer and artist who has a B.A in Fine Art and M.A in Design & Art Direction.
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