Travelling in an RV: 5 Tips for the First Timers

There’s something about traveling in a mobile home that is incomparable to anything else. It provides all of the freedoms of traveling without sacrificing everything that we love about having a roof over our heads. If you have never had the opportunity to go adventuring in an RV before, but are considering doing so, here are a few tips that should make things relatively smoother for you.

You Are Not in a Rush When you are renting an RV for the first time, it’s natural to try and cover as many miles as possible as fast as you can. However, this is the wrong approach when taking an RV trip. You are likely thinking about this because you are still treating the RV as a regular vehicle. You need to remember that when taking an RV, the journey itself is the destination. Take your time to see the road you are travelling through and camp when you want to.

Spend Enough Time at Your Destinations Pick some nice places to visit but keep the number of destinations limited. A lot of new RV adventurers make the mistake of trying to go to too many places in too little time. Instead, pick your spots and spend at least a week in each of them to really enjoy the surroundings.

Nothing is Set in Stone

We all know this, but we are never really mentally prepared for it; mishaps do happen and you need to be flexible enough to accommodate them in your schedule. Bad weather conditions, a broken down vehicle or any other unforeseen event can set you off course. That being said, it’s all a part of the adventure, and sometimes can even work in your favor!

Getting Rid of the Poop!

It might not be the most tasteful topic to discuss, but it is an important one nevertheless. While having a toilet in the middle of nowhere is always a boon, it is necessary to clean the black tank regularly as well. The good news is that most RV toilets convert the waste into a greenish, bio-degradable liquid that you can then get rid of at the nearest sewer opening (RVs come equipped with pipes and flushes for that) or even bury in a hole if you must!

Manage Your Supplies

This one is particularly important if you have plans for travelling to isolated locations. You should always have more supplies than you need because emergencies are stories for a campfire until it happens to you. A broken down RV in an isolated location without a cellphone signal is not a desirable or likely event. But if it does happen you need to be prepared to handle it.

The five points mentioned above should make your maiden adventure less bumpy, but know that there will still be a few hiccups along the way. The first journey is always the hardest, but it’s always the most memorable one as well. If you do it right, the experience may hook you for a lifetime of RV adventuring ahead.

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