Three of the Most Beautiful Parts of Scotland for a Walking Holiday

Do you enjoy long walks in the countryside? There is nowhere better for this in the UK than Scotland, where you will find all kinds of incredible natural beauty in many amazing places around the country. In addition to the amazing natural beauty, you may also find majestic wildlife, charming villages and friendly locals too.

There are many beautiful parts of Scotland to explore on a walking holiday, but here are three of the best:

West Highland Way

West Highland Way is one of the most famous walking trails in the world and anybody who has explored this area will tell you why. Here you can enjoy a mesmerising walk through the West Highlands where you will pass epic rivers, towering mountains lochs and moors before finally reaching Fort William via Glen Nevis. Stretching over 151km from Glasgow to Fort William, West Highland Way is remarkably diverse and it is fascinating to see the landscape change as you make your way across this dramatic trail.

Great Glen Way

This time starting at Fort William and venturing east to Inverness over 79 miles, the Great Glen Way long distance walk takes you from coast to coast through enchanting forests, along the Caledonian Canal and via the world-famous Loch Noss. Great Glen Way keeps to lower levels, which makes it (relatively) easy and ideal for those that are not used to difficult hikes. It runs along a fault line (formed by the collision of tectonic plates) which divides Scotland, which also ensures for some truly remarkable views and perfect walking paths.

The Cairngorms

The Cairngorms is the biggest National Park in the UK, so it is a fantastic place for an unforgettable walking holiday. Found in the eastern Highlands of Scotland, the Cairngorms has brilliant walking/cycling routes that will take you throughout the park and show you the great beauty of the area. In addition to this, you can also enjoy water sports, wildlife spotting and even snow sports. The Cairngorms has castles, distilleries, woodland, lochs, Victorian villages, huge mountain ranges and much more to explore. This ensures that there is plenty to keep you entertained on a walking trip and you are sure to find a few hidden gems here too.

These are the best places for a walking holiday in Scotland and showcase the countryโ€™s great beauty. Walking holidays here can be incredibly rewarding and the diversity of the landscape means that there is plenty to explore.

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Adrenaline Romance

Scotland is just so stunning! We would love to trek, camp, and climb the mountains there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Great places isn’t it, looking forward to more trekking when we return home someday!! ha ha