Shooting the Skyline: Best Photo Opportunities in NYC

New York City is a popular tourist spot, and for good reason. There is an abundance of history, world-famous landmarks and places, and wild nightlife. Because of the breathtaking sights that New York has to offer, you will want to bring a great camera along and search for the best locations for that once-in-a-lifetime snapshot. Here are just a few of the most opportune places in New York for you and your camera.

The Empire State Building

Forget about those advices to avoid cliches: you need that perfect shot. The Empire State Building has an incredible 360-degree view from an observatory on the 86th floor. The Chrysler Building, all of Central Park and of course the Statue of Liberty can all be seen from this nest. Stay for a meal and catch the gorgeous sunrise or sunset from this exquisite and iconic landmark. Choose your camera’s best setting to capture the New York’s skyline in the morning sun.

Hudson River Cruise

To experience Manhattan in all its glory, take a cruise along the Hudson River. This three-level ferry offers a clear view of Manhattan during the day, with dinner tours (featuring a three-course meal) offering a gorgeous sunset scene. A cruise across the Hudson without a camera is like living without music: how else are you going to capture these fine moments?  

The Fulton Ferry Landing

The Fulton Ferry Landing is located in Brooklyn, New York and is an incredible place for various photo opportunities. Located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, tourists love this spot: whether you use a professional-grade camera or a mobile phone on a selfie stick, you will have pictures of awe-inspiring views of the Hudson and the Brooklyn Bridge.

This borough’s famous bridge often comes to mind when it comes to capturing breathtaking – albeit hard to swallow – scenery shots of the city. It can be a bit nerve-wrecking to walk on such an enormous bridge, but if you have the courage, you’ll have photos worthy of a frame. The Brooklyn Bridge leads to only more photo opportunities, with tours through Brooklyn Heights and through the park.

Helicopter Tours

If you’re so inclined, you can even opt for a Helicopter tour around New York City. While this is obviously a more expensive tour option, in just 15 minutes you will see a few of the most famous sites in the world: the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Central Park with a bird’s eye view. You will need a high quality camera for this tour, and the photographs you take will be unforgettable.

Just Take a Tour

Finding spectacular views around the city is more than capturing the skyline of Lower Manhattan or the sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge. There is plenty of history, art, culture, local food and crafts around every borough. If you want to see it all, grab your camera and take a bus tour through New York City with TopView sightseeing tour.

You would be making quite a mistake if you visit New York City without a camera – or at least a full battery on your mobile phone. From full views of the skyline at the Empire State Building to local street art and culture in each of the boroughs in turn, there is a plethora of photo opportunities for the fine, detailed eye of a photographer, a novice, and any artistic tourist.

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