How Halloween is celebrated Different Countries!

Halloween is one of the major holidays in America. One finds Americans busy with decorations, spending money on special costumes, in preparation for the event, which is one of the world’s oldest holidays. This is the time when there is a sharp rise in the sale of candy. Today a number of countries across the world celebrate Halloween with the same fervour as the Americans. Both adults and children have great fun celebrating costume parties, planning trick-or-treating or pranks and games. The primary purpose is not just to get together and have fun but scare each other as well, as fear has been an essential element of Halloween tradition.

Let us learn how Halloween is celebrated in different countries of the world.

How the Chinese celebrate Halloween?

Halloween, a Halloween festival is held every year in China. Chinese light bonfires and lanterns, and place food and water in front of the photographs of their departed relatives. Paper boats called “boats of the law “are made in the Buddhist temples, and the aim behind is to guide the wandering spirits of the ancestors. These spirits are guided on their journey to the afterlife, as they are considered to be dangerous.

El Dia de Los Muertos” in Mexico

Mexicans celebrate Halloween as the days of the dead, and the event lasts for three days. People spend the day by the graves of the loved ones. They celebrate their lives by picnicking and enjoying the day. Mexicans believe that the dead return to their homes during these nights, and thus they decorate their altars with photographs, candy, flowers, water and the favourite food and drink of the dead. Families repair and repaint the graves if needed.

Ireland – the birthplace of Halloween

Ireland is considered to be the birthplace of Halloween. The festivities here are not much different from the well-known American celebrations during Halloween. Irish dress up in sexy costumes, attend parties and play games. “Snap-apple” is a popular game among the Irish, where the participants to take a bite out of an apple hanging on a tree and tied with a string. Adults and children both enjoy treasure hunts and card games.

The Japanese do it differently

The Japanese are well aware of Halloween but celebrate it differently than the Americans. It is celebrated as Obon Festival in Japan, and the festival is also known as “Urabon” or “Matsuri.” One finds red lancers hung around and candles lit to honour the spirits of the ancestors. The lanterns are then sent to float down rivers and seas. “Welcoming fires” are arranged to guide the spirits back to their homes, once the festivities are over with.

The French Halloween

The French began celebrating Halloween only a short while ago as they really didn’t know what Halloween. They celebrate Halloween much like the Americans and get dressed up in costumes and. Instead of going from home to home, they go from store to store to get their candy. The idea is to honour the departed souls.

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