Guest Post: Holiday Volunteer Guide for Peru

The holidays are a time for reflection, gratitude, and giving. This holiday season, you can give back in a big way by expanding Santa’s knapsack to the South–South America. You can find a number of volunteer programs in Peru which will provide a holiday experience like no other.

Regardless of your experience, skills, or interest, you can get involved with work that will leave a positive impact on a community in need, boost your own skill set, and open your mind to a new view of the world. So, skip the gingerbread houses, Santa’s cookies, and fire-hazard Christmas lights and get back to the root of the reason–Good deeds. So end the year on a good note, and jump-start the new year on Santa’s nice list.


A construction project is the perfect way to give back to communities in need. Bring your hard-work to a project that will construct or renovate a medical facility, day care center, classroom, community center, or home. You’ll be sure to leave your mark, and a tremendous impact while volunteering during the holidays of 2017.

Of course, you won’t be left to your own devices. You’ll work alongside a professional, local foreman with the knowledge and experience to guide even the most entry-level worker. As expected, you’ll assist with painting, plastering, repairs, carpentry, welding, plumbing, mixing cement, flooring, preparation, and clean up.

This volunteer project is great for individuals or groups seeking to make a difference. You’ll be sure to develop your construction skills, in addition to your language skills, as you’ll have constant interaction with local members of the community, and the foreman. Help to develop a project, and the project will be sure to develop you.

Medical Campaign

This holiday, learn firsthand how fortunate you are as you realize the realities of the lack of medical access to millions of people around the world. Countless rural communities in Peru go without proper medical care leading to a lack of education in the ways to properly care for one’s health. Disease and illness can be avoid in a number of areas if those areas only had access to information. You can be that person.

You don’t have to be a medical professional for this special holiday volunteer program in Peru. During this project, you’ll work just outside of Cusco, in a rural community teaching basic healthy practices. You will also work to distribute vitamins, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and anti-parasitic medications.

Work with Kids

All over the world children are forced into the responsibilities of adulthood without being able enjoy the sweetness that comes with a childhood. Help to change that in at least one part of the world this year.

A volunteer project working with kids gives you a peek of life through the eyes of the innocent. You provide your love and attention in a daycare center, community center, or government-run orphanage. Organize games, arts and crafts, and fun activities for children. For the holiday season, you’ll get involved in hosting and coordinating a holiday party. You might wrap and distribute gifts, serve food, or play Santa himself! For some children, your efforts will provide the only holiday celebration they’ll see this year. So, spread your cheer in South America for an unforgettable holiday season.