Best Destinations to Shock Your Taste Buds

A great way to experience the culture of the country that you are visiting is to try the food. It can be tempting to head to the McDonald’s because they are everywhere and inexpensive but there is always a much more thrilling opportunity out there.

Step out of your comfort zone and order something that you have no idea how to pronounce and no idea whether you will like it or not. Shock your taste buds! You may love it, you may hate it, but you will know that you tried something new.

Dine Out in Dubai

Dubai is in United Arab Emirates and this world class city is famous for its luxurious dining experiences. Michelin Star Chefs from all over the world have opened up restaurants here and you can get hand crafted food created by world famous chefs. Hotel Burj Kalifa is the only 7 star hotel in the world and it also offers a fine dining experience. There are also plenty of food stalls, pubs, and restaurants, where you can find whatever you are craving.

Indulge Your Senses in India

There are 29 different states in India, and there are more than 1,000 different languages spoken throughout the country. India is known for its amazing spices so be sure to take some home with you. More than 40% of the population are vegetarians so you can find great vegetarian and vegan food in some of the restaurants.

Beef is difficult to find but there are plenty of restaurants that serve chicken, goat, seafood, and fish. Biryani is a popular rice dish that is cooked with spices and meat and it is prevalent throughout the country. Be sure to visit a chaat stall and try what the vendor has to offer.

Try Mouthwatering Food in Malaysia

Malaysia is a fabulous destination for foodies and you can find a fabulous array of cuisines throughout the country. The food is a mixture of the Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures and you can easily food from all over the world as well.

Try Bak kut teh, a wonderful pork soup and you’ll find that there are plenty of noodle and rice dishes that are made with fresh seafood, vegetables and meat.

Enjoy Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Travelling in China will provide you with a whole variety of opportunities for new experiences, one of the main ones being the intriguing variety of cuisine. There are many different dishes that are fabulous in Chinese food. Ask around to find out what is the most popular dish in the area that you are visiting.

If you like your food spicy make sure you try a Szechuan stir fry with lots of chilis, and the 5-spice combination that is prevalent in so many Chinese dishes. If you like dumplings you have come to the right place and you can try steamed or fried dumplings stuffed with different meats, different vegetables, and meat and vegetable combinations. Be sure to also try dim sum, hot pots, and the many different kinds of noodles.

Sample the Cheese in Greece

Greek cheese is some of the best in the world and you can get cheese made with goat, cow, or sheep’s milk. Feta, Graviera, and Myzythra are just three of the fabulous cheeses that you can try. The rest of the food is pretty fabulous as well and basil, oregano, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and garlic are prevalent in many meat, vegetable, and seafood dishes.

What was your best food experience?

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