Top 5 Haunted Locations of Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, never fails to treat the visitors. From serving as home to historical monuments like the Red Fort, Qutab Minar, and the Lotus Temple to a few haunted places as well, this city has something for everyone. So, if you have already grabbed Pune to Delhi flight tickets at lowest fare and planning to do a tour to some of the haunted places in the city to experience paranormal activities for real, we have got your back and listed the top 5 places here. So, brace yourself for an amazing experience when traveling to Delhi. Also, make sure you know where to draw the boundary between adventure and safety for a memorable experience in Delhi.

Delhi Cantonment

Topping the list of haunted placed in Delhi is the Delhi Cantonment area. People believe this area is the shelter of a ghost lady who supposedly died in a road accident in the same area. Many people have claimed to have seen the ghost lady run after their car and disappears if they stop the car. If planning to visit this area on your Delhi trip, make sure you don’t end up landing in some serious trouble.

Jamali Kamali Tomb

Located inside the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Jamali Kamali Tomb is another famous haunted site of the city. Many people who have visited the tomb have shared that the moment they entered, they got to hear various disturbing sounds that were calling them out. If legends are to be believed, these sounds come from the graves of the Sufi saints who were buried here in the year 1535. It is advisable not to visit the tomb during the night.

Sector 9 Metro Station – Dwarka

Regular commuters from the Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station have encountered paranormal activities outside the entrance, especially during the night. Many people have seen a lady appearing and disappearing during the night and also running along matching with the speed of their vehicle.

House Number W-3 – Greater Kailash

Though it may sound like a plot of a cliched Bollywood movie, this story is true. An elderly couple that was ruthlessly murdered in the house, after a few years returned to claim their house. If stories are to be believed, their spirit still lives inside the house. People living in the nearby areas claim to have heard screams, sobs, cries and even laughter sounds coming out of the house at odd hours.

Bloody River – Rohini

The name bloody river or khooni nadi as you call it in Hindi is enough to scare someone. Flowing across the Rohini area of Delhi, this presumably sucks people inside who dare to step into the water. However, the mystery behind the deaths of people around the river remains unfolded.

Sanjay Van

No other place in Delhi beats the beauty of Sanjay Van in terms of greenery. However, there is much more in this area other than greenery. Serving as home to the broken ramparts of Qila Rai pithora, this place has many graves. The spooky vibe of the area explains the presence of many spirits. If stories are to be believed, the pin drop silence of this area is often disturbed with evil laughs and cries. Some visitors claim to see a woman dressed in white saree while others have experienced a sudden push while taking a walk around the area.

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