My Favourite Reasons To Visit Mexico

I like visiting Mexico as often as I can and fell in love with it on my first trip there. Mexico has all the things that you could possibly want in a holiday destination, and it makes for a truly unique cultural experience that you aren’t likely to get anywhere else in the world. Mexico should definitely be your next holiday destination, so read on to find out more about what could become your favourite holiday destination.

Anyone can afford it

Mexico is a good destination to travel to for any kind of traveller because there are a number of amazing places to stay, such as hostels, guest houses, hotels and there are also some truly amazing luxury homes in Mexico that you can rent. The cost of staying somewhere Rangers from very low to very high end this makes it did ideal destination for all kinds of travellers. For me, it is so important that everyone can experience such a beautiful place and Mexico should be seen be seen by everyone.


Food in Mexico is one of the highlights and there is a huge variety of different cuisines packed into Mexican cuisine. One of the best and well known cuisines is definitely that from the Yucatan Peninsula. This is all the typical foods that we all think about that come from Mexico. Things like pork marinated in spices are some of my personal favourites and are famous around the world for their tastiness and complexity. The spicy sauces from this region are also some of the best, with a huge number of levels of spiciness and also tastes. Habanero is my favourite, but could be a little spicy for some!

The locals

Mexicans are very well known for being some of the friendliest people on the planet. Although the most spoken language in Mexico is naturally Spanish, people are always friendly and willing to help, even if they may not speak the best English. This is really important for me to have this amazing feeling to feel welcome and adds so much to the experience and is also even better when the country itself is amazing.


Mexico is quite a large and varied place in terms of its landscape. On the East coast you have a lot of beaches and the Gulf of Mexico, which is famous for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Here you can swim, soak up the sun or even go diving amongst many tropical fish. On the other hand there are some very interesting areas that have a desert landscape and this makes for some extremely interesting flora and fauna that can only be found in such areas. There really is a place for any kind of person in Mexico in terms of nature and so many activities that go along with this nature too.


The history of Mexico is an interesting one, especially with two fascinating civilisations in the Mayans and Aztecs. These people were very advanced for their time in many aspects, such as architecture, craftsmanship, food and are also famous for their very peculiar religious beliefs. This is quite unique when you consider any civilisation in the world, as they combined archaic beliefs with a very sophisticated culture. The structures that they left behind are also interesting, particularly the huge complexes of Mayan pyramids. Mexico also has an interesting colonial history after the Spanish invaded and has forever shaped the identity of the people in the language and their customs. There are many museums and interesting places that were significant to this colonisation and it really is fascinating to learn more about this.

The parties

The Mexicans, like many Latin people, know exactly how to party and they just know how to have fun. They just know how to dance and music plays a huge part in what will most likely be some of the best parties that you experience in your life. There are so many places to do this, from the beautiful resorts of Cancun and other places on the Yucatan, to the big city lights of Mexico City. This is definitely something to experience whilst in Mexico and there is no end to the great parties that you can experience.


Mexico has a very unique history with its architecture that I touched on before. The colonial times have heavily influenced it and this can be seen primarily in places like Mexico City, which have a colonial flair that has been extremely well preserved. The remnants of the past are also very prominent with the ancient Mayan and Aztec cities too. Mexico has also been the home to many famous architects, such as Luis Barrigan, and the culture for this is as interesting as the buildings themselves.


No great reasons to visit Mexico list would be complete without adding tequila to the list! Mexico is the home of tequila and also the best in the world. This tasty drink is made from the Agave plant, which is a spiky desert plant that gives tequila its unique taste. Plants need to be made of half the plant to be considered tequila in Mexico, but the best tequila is made almost entirely of Agave. There is such a huge difference when it comes to tequila with a high Agave content and one that just meets the minimum to be called tequila. You should definitely visit some of the tequila distilleries to learn more about these very interesting and noticeable differences (responsibly of course!).