Business Travelers Often Make These 10 Mistakes

There are business travellers who know exactly what they are doing. There are also business travellers who always seem to make mistakes. Which group do you fit into?
Here’s the good thing: even if you have made mistakes in the past, there are things you can do in the future to stay on the straight and narrow.
It all starts with pinpointing past mistakes, as well as problems that could get in your way in the future. With this in mind, let’s examine 10 common mistakes made by business travellers:

1. Choosing the Wrong Flight

You need to fly on the right day, at the right time, and into (and out of) the right airport. If you make any mistake, even a small one, it could cause you a lot of trouble.
Fortunately, you can use the internet to compare flights with the idea of finding the perfect one.

2. Being in a Rush

It is difficult to travel when you are in a rush. Not only does this add stress to your life, but it could lead to a variety of mistakes.
The best thing you can do is leave yourself enough time for delays. So, if you’re worried about getting stuck in traffic on your way to a meeting, leave your hotel an hour early. You may arrive earlier than you would like, but it’s better than the alternative.

3. Forgetting to Book a Rental Car

Sometimes you need a rental car, but sometimes you don’t. You need to settle on this detail before you leave home.
If you have any doubts about your transportation, it may be best to book a rental car in advance. You can always cancel the reservation if you realise that you don’t need the vehicle for any reason.

4. Wrong Hotel Location

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, as it can cost you a lot of time during your stay.
To protect against this, use a site like Expedia to compare hotels. For instance, if you’re comparing Gatwick Airport hotels, focus on the exact location of each one.

5. Forgetting to Exercise

Are you the type of person who enjoys exercising on a regular basis? Do you worry that you won’t be able to do this while you’re on the road?
Don’t make any excuses. Book a hotel with a gym or find somewhere to workout upon touching down. If this doesn’t work, hit the roads around your hotel for a nice walk or run.
You need to exercise when traveling for business, as this promotes good health and allows you to rest your mind.

6. Eating Poorly

It’s easy to fall into this trap when traveling. You stop for fast food. You grab snacks at the airport. You raid the minibar in your hotel room.
If you’re worried about eating poorly when traveling, make a list of items that you want to eat and those that you want to avoid.
Tip: search for the best restaurants in the area before leaving home. This will help you plan your meals in advance. You can also book a hotel with a restaurant on-site.

7. Overspending

Even if your company is paying for everything, you shouldn’t go overboard in regards to how much you spend. You need to set a budget and stick with it no matter what.
There will be times when you need to spend money, such as when you’re entertaining clients. There will also be times when you can save, such as by eating the free breakfast offered by your hotel.
Once you become familiar with the many ways to save money when traveling, you’ll find it easier to cut back.

8. Overworking Yourself

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of hard work when traveling for business. In fact, this is to be expected.
Even so, you need to take some time for yourself. This means getting enough rest at night, sightseeing, and taking breaks throughout the day.
If you “go, go, go” without taking any time off, it could soon take a toll on both your physical and mental health.
9. Neglecting to Stay in Touch
Even though you are out of town, it doesn’t mean everyone else is sitting around the office doing nothing.
You need to stay in touch with others, such as by making daily phone calls to the office or catching up on email.

10. Losing Sight of the Purpose

When traveling for business, it’s a must that you keep your eyes on the prize. What is the purpose of your trip? Do you know your goals?
It’s easy to lose sight of the purpose when there is so much going on.For example, if you’re visiting Las Vegas or looking for a Vegas home, there is no shortage of activities.
While there is nothing wrong with taking breaks and enjoying yourself, don’t lose sight of the purpose of your trip.


These are just a few of the more common mistakes that business travellers make. Now that you have these in mind, you should be able to avoid similar trouble in the future.
What mistakes have you made in the past when traveling for business? What strategy have you employed to avoid the same in the future? Share your tips and advice in the comment section below. By doing so, you can help others avoid mistakes that have plagued you in the past.