Tech Essentials for the Modern Adventurer

Once upon a time, being an adventurer was as simple as picking up and heading out. While this is still a possibility, it can be much more fun to take advantage of the myriad technological advances that can make your trip more fun and more memorable.


Smartphones are not simply for those who adventure in the concrete jungle on a daily basis. While they have become ubiquitous in the boardroom they are equally valuable for people who are interested in going off-road. If you will be venturing into nature, however, it is important to remember that your phone may need a little extra protection from the elements. There are many different types of iPhone 7 cases that can be chosen based on your specific requirements. Waterproof is obviously important if you will be rafting down the Amazon while shock absorbing might be more of a concern if you will be rock climbing up the face of a cliff.

One of the advantages of taking a high-quality smartphone with you is the almost infinite number of applications which are available for both Android and iPhone users. Be sure to do a little app store reconnaissance and download anything you might find useful even if your signal evaporates. There are apps to help you locate the position of the stars, survival manuals, animal and plant identification apps, and first aid basics available that do not require a connection to the internet to be fully functional.


If you are going to spend your time exploring and engaging in the most exciting adventures you can imagine, you need to make sure you are able to get it all on film. That is the entire premise behind the development of the GoPro line of equipment. They have a whole host of products that make it possible to film and photograph virtually any adventure in any imaginable environment. You can use the drones to film overhead and capture all the action over a wide field or you can use one of the mountable cameras to achieve a first person point of view.

There are also accessories and apps that take your cinematography to a whole other level. Whether you are a serious solo adventurer who wants to be able to relive the excitement years down the road or if you are a burgeoning director that wants to share the experience with others on platforms such as YouTube, GoPro is the way to go.


Once you have your device adequately protected, it’s a good idea to dive into some of the high-tech solutions for ensuring you have a charged battery even if you are out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. After all, bringing along all the awesome tech in the world is going to be pointless if there is no way to keep it powered up. Fortunately, several companies have been working to ensure travellers are able to reliably power their smartphones and other electronic devices by doing things they would be doing anyway.

Most people are aware they can bring along a portable battery pack that will provide one or two charges to small electronic devices. While these are certainly a useful option to keep on hand there are far more reliable and long-lasting methods. Solar technology has made some remarkable advancements in recent years and there are several brands that now focus on light-weight portable solar power that only require the sun to keep devices going. Then there are the more imaginative options that seem almost like something out of a Neolithic new age.

Some newer companies are turning your campfire into an onsite electrical generator. By simply burning fuel or boiling water it is now possible to harness the energy and power up your devices. If you will be out and about for several days or weeks it is important to determine which will be most practical for your personal situation. A fire makes more sense if you’ll be in a cold dark climate while solar power might be better for an island getaway.

Taking technology along with you on an adventure doesn’t mean you find it impossible to unplug from daily life. It can simply be a way to enhance the experience and make it more enjoyable and more memorable. You can always delete the email and messaging apps before departure and only keep those pieces of technology which will further your personal ideals of freedom and adventure.

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