Why You Should Choose America for Your Family Holiday

When you have children, your life understandably gets more complex. Even the most carefully choreographed morning routine can descend into chaos – so you may think that planning a relaxing and enjoyable family holiday is out of the question.

Fear not though, as we think that America could be the perfect holiday destination for the whole family. Not only does the vast country have something for everyone, you can see some breathtaking and iconic sights that you’ll remember forever. Here’s three of our favourite family friendly spots in America:

Yellowstone National Park

America’s Wild West is filled with spectacular geysers, interesting wildlife and stunning natural sights – perfect for budding adventurers of any age.

Young travellers will love catching sight of the moose, deer, elk and perhaps even the mighty Black Bear, and any photography enthusiasts will never be short of something beautiful to capture.

We recommend heading to see the incredible natural sight of the solar eclipse right there with Mother Nature. You can find pre-arranged tours, like the ones offered with Grand American Adventures, that will take out all of the hassle – your hotel, transportation and meals are all provided for you and you’ll be able to enjoy the services of a professional tour leader. Plus, there’s free WiFi in the vehicle to stop the kids from getting bored on the journey – what more could you ask for?


Part of California’s appeal for families is how easily accessible it is. You can find flights that fly direct from Heathrow to Los Angeles, taking roughly 11 hours.

This western state has enough to keep all members of your family happy on holiday. Whether you want to chill on the beaches of San Diego, go trekking at the Grand Canyon or take the kids on a trip to Universal Studios, you can do it all with a trip to California.

And let’s be honest, with attractions from Harry Potter, Fast and Furious, Despicable Me and The Simpsons, Universal Studios is a fun day out for the big kids in your family too.

Washington DC

For those families who want a trip steeped in culture, America’s capital has an array of kid-friendly museums that have free entry, including:

* National Gallery of Art

* National Portrait Museum

* White House Garden Tours

* Air and Space Museum

* Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Plus many more! We’d recommend the National Zoo, which is always a universal crowd-pleaser. You and the family can see all types of animals, including alligators, tigers, gazelles and elephants – all for free.

If you find the thought of booking a family holiday daunting, consider planning a trip to America, where there will always be something to keep everyone happy, whether young or old. If you want a relaxing beach break, or you fancy a hiking adventure, or you want to visit some interesting museums – America has it all!

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