7 Most Spectacular Places Across The Globe To Propose.

Finding that right moment, that perfect location and popping the question is perhaps one of the greatest experiences, and you would definitely want to make it as memorable as possible. Select a setting that makes that jubilant ‘yes’ inevitable, and you will have your own fairy tale to narrate to your grandkids! Here are some of the most spectacular places that make the ideal background for a dream-like proposal to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Get indulged, and select your ideal spot.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Take your beloved to the Cliffs of Moher in Emerald Isle and let your love soar as high as the dramatic cliffs beautifully surrounded by fascinating beaches, charming seaside villages and rolling hills draped in lush greenery. This is one of the ultimate destinations to say ‘I Love You’, especially during the late spring and summer season, when the soaring cliffs, spanning across miles, are adorned with wildflowers. The place becomes all the more romantic with the melodious songs of birds beautifully harmonising with ballads from guitarists.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

With some intoxication and drama subtly blended with a curious sense of privacy, Bora Bora is the ideal place for romance. One of the most favorite locations both for couples in love as well as couples ‘to be in love soon’, this place also offers a brilliant stay with overwater bungalows set in the midst of turquoise lagoons. If you are looking forward to an adventurous proposal, let your special someone accompany you for a couple special sailing tour on one of the picturesque lagoons around Mount Otemanu. Express your thoughts as you watch the sun gradually setting and witness the countless stars filling the sky.

The Pont Neuf, Paris

For those lovers who are innately poetic in nature, what can be a better allegory for the union of two souls than a primeval bridge? Though “Pont Neuf” means “New Bridge”, this bridge in Paris is in fact the oldest existing bridge over the Seine. Interestingly, this place has sincerely served as a meeting point for lovers since 1578, when its foundation stone was laid. The best time to propose here is sunset, when the disappearing light bathes the buildings across the riverside in a mystic golden shade.

Havasu Falls, Arizona

If you and your loved one are game for some hiking, then Havasu Falls, curiously concealed in one corner of the Grand Canyon, is the perfect place to propose. Plan a trek here and express your heart’s feeling as you discover lively red rocks, enclosing a mesmerizing waterfall emptying itself into a heavenly amalgamation of blue and green waters. Experience magical moments of romance in this natural heaven, glittering with soft golden sands scattered amidst gigantic cottonwood trees.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Do you want to seal it off with a fanciful fairytale like proposal? Then plan a hot air balloon voyage over the exquisite landscape of Cappadocia and pop the question, while enjoying a bird’s eye view of honeycombed hills, fairy chimneys and massive boulders. After those magical moments, raise a toast to your love by celebrating with champagne and straightaway head towards one of the ‘cave hotels’ to enjoy more unforgettable moments.

Hyams Beach, Australia

Proposing on a beach is quite common, so what’s so spectacular about this? Well, it indeed is a different ambience for that awesome moment when you pop the question at Hyams Beach, for the simple reason that this beach does not have the usual stretch of sand that is always sun-bathed. The Guinness World Records book has the name of this beach listed for possessing the whitest sand across the globe. Don’t you feel that this vast stretch of whiteness is one of the most appropriate spot to declare pure love, and make your beloved your own for a lifetime?

The Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico

There are a number of historic sites beautifying the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, but nothing can come close to the Mayan Ruins in Tulum, which brings to you a highly dramatic setting for that perfect proposal. Set over a dreamy bluish Caribbean Sea, on a grassy cliff top, this sun-bathed limestone sequence, including a fairytale-like ‘castillo’, is bound to make those special moments increasingly ethereal and photogenic. After that most cherished moment, explore the white sand beach below, together as an engaged couple, and seal it completely by taking your first dip holding each other’s hands.

So, does that magical moment seem like a dream or it is close to reality now? Get going, and prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime! Just make sure you have the right ring, or all that effort might be wasted! Check out Orla James for some of the best around!

Where did you get engaged, or where is your dream destination?