Getting the best of a visit to Singapore

Singapore is an awesome and unique place and there are a lot of interesting things to do and experience. If you visit this great city state, you should take advantage of the special things that it has to offer to the people that decide to visit. So let us look into some things you should not miss in order for you to get the best experience out of going to Singapore.

Mingle with the locals

Everybody that knows something about Singapore knows that it is an extremely tolerant and accepting nation. There is a large expat community and local population is very largely accepting and welcoming to foreigners and tourists. On top of this, most people are highly educated and virtually everyone you are likely to meet would be able to speak some English. This is a great thing to take an advantage of. When visiting Singapore you should make an effort to interact with the locals as much as possible. You will see that their culture is fascinating and you will learn a lot of new things and will open yourself to some interesting new ideas.

If you’re backpacking through Asia and would like to take mingling with the local population to an extreme while making some money on the side to help fund your travels and experiences, you could also take advantage of the tuition jobs (click here to sign up as a tutor) available in Singapore and meet some locals while teaching them English. This would work best if you are staying for longer and keeping in mind how special Singapore is, that is going to be a great idea.

Visit some special places

Singapore is not just an interesting place with a unique culture, it’s actually full of landmarks and locations that you should not miss. First of all the city is a marvel of its own with its nice architecture and city structure, the former quiet fishing village is now full of life and sights. But it also offers some wonderful nature to take in.

For example, you should not miss the MacRichie Reservoir Park. It’s a really beautiful natural reserve but many people have complained that it’s not an easy hike. While walking there might be rewarding in itself, there is something that not enough people know about – the MacRitchie walkway among the treetops. There is actually a hidden suspension bridge connecting the two highest places of the park that makes for a picturesque walk. You will be looking at the forest from its very top while being surrounded by beautiful greenery. There are also other great places to visit like the beaches, Quayside Isle, Marina Barrage and the city zoo.

Take in the experiences

As mentioned above, Singapore is a truly unique place and it offers a lot of special things to experience. One obvious example would be the food. It’s a mixture of different styles and very often the way it is served or sold is also part of the experience. Getting soup in a plastic bag with a straw is something you should definitely try – and don’t worry, it’s actually more convenient than you could actually imagine. The thing about Singapore is that if something is not efficient or convenient, they would not do it.

But the experiences you could take advantage of are by no means limited by food. Singapore is a developed nation with a high standard of living, so there are a lot of cool things you could do ranging from indoor skydiving or surfing, to going actual surfing, stand-up paddling or diving at the beach. You could also go biking around the city, experience shopping at a flea market or visit the Asian Civilization Museum.

In the end, Singapore has a lot to offer to the traveler no matter what your interests are, so it’s a great idea to spend as much time as you can there and make sure you take in as much of its uniqueness as you can.

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