The top three outdoor adventures in Ontario, Canada

We can’t wait to return to Canada one day, it’s full of all the things we love the most! Luscious forests, snow-capped mountains and many opportunities for us to explore. First on our list to visit is Ontario, and while we were dreaming of when we’d finally be able to visit, we thought we’d put together a quick post on the top three outdoor adventures available – we hope you enjoy it!

The top three outdoor adventures in Ontario, Canada

Take a Journey Behind the Falls

This iconic natural wonder has been astounding millions of visitors for decades, and there are plenty of tours to take that are only a short walk from most Niagara Falls hotels. We’re going to start off with the Journey Behind the Falls; after being handed our rain ponchos, we’ll plummet down over 150ft in an elevator shaft, before navigating through the intricate system of tunnels to the observation deck.

We’ll most likely get soaked to the skin given the huge amount of spray from the thundering 13-storey curtain of water, but what better way to start our trip? We’d also like to head to the Cave of the Winds afterwards, which will take us even further down to 175ft, as we travel deep into Niagara Gorge. This guided tour will see us traverse many wooden walkways to the Hurricane Deck, which stands just 20 feet away from the ferocious waters.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

See wildlife down whitewater rapids

For us though, it’s not enough to watch the waters, we want to feel them! That’s why we’ll next be heading to the Missinaibi River for a spot of canoeing down whitewater rapids. Connected to the Missinaibi Lake in northern Ontario, the river stretches 755km through a mixture of string bogs and marshes, and is one of the longest free-flowing and undeveloped rivers in Ontario.

This river isn’t for the fainthearted, as the level of endurance and energy needed to master these rapids is well-known amongst the professionals, but it will show you some of the most beautiful sites that Ontario has to offer – not to mention the wildlife you’ll see along the way!

White water rafting The top three outdoor adventures in Ontario, Canada

Go ice climbing in Ontario

If you prefer temperatures a little lower, you’ll love our third destination, as we’re headed to Elora Gorge, 25km north of Guelph, for a spot of ice climbing. We’ve completed rock climbing activities before, so we’re ready to take things to the next level by hacking our way up an icefall, with axes in hand and crampons firmly fixed to our feet.

This is a great place for beginners to learn too though, as it covers everything from how to tie into the rope, to the proper use of equipment and technique. Everything is provided for too, so all we’ll need to worry about taking is our finest winter weather gear.

ice climbing, The top three outdoor adventures in Ontario, Canada

 If you’ve been to Ontario recently and you’ve come across any more tours or trips, be sure to leave them in the comments section.

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The top three outdoor adventures in Ontario, Canada

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Okay ice climbing looks fantastic but I don’t think it can be done by “non-climbers” right? I would love to do a beginners course though – looks amazzzzing.

I am sure there are beginner courses available, they would be a great way to get into it if you have never tried it before!

I would love to go behind the Falls, but also try ice climbing! I would be terrified, but there’s something thrilling about the idea of it…

Yes, climbing for us is often about enjoying the fear!!