Welcome to the New & Improved Roaming Renegades

Well hello there!! Welcome to the new and improved Roaming Renegades! Over the last month or so we have been working hard to create a brand new website from which to host all our adventures and previous content. It has been something we had put off for a while but finally we did it!! We are absolutely over the moon with how our website has turned out and how it has grown too. Here’s a short into and history of our blog! We hope you like it just as much as we do!

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The beginning of the Blog:

This blog has an interesting history and one which grew quite organically. It originally started off as a personal blog as part of my M.A in Design and Art Direction. It was late 2012 and I had just sat through a lecture from a returning and successful student who told us of how much his blog helped him to get his work out there and find interested parties for his work. He even got work just from one of this tester pieces. So the seed was planted and I started work on blogging, this was my first experience and I really had no idea what I had let myself in for!


For roughly 18 months the blog was a way of recording my Art and Design work, recording my writings and musings as well as my adventures at home and abroad. As time went on my work and ideas began to gravitate towards the idea of “Questioning Normality”, how we inhabit places, how we experience them and even societal structures themselves. My reports on climbing, urban exploring and travel became a large part of my work.


The Birth of The Roaming Renegades:

At the same time I was discovering blogs like OneStep4Ward and really questioning the world around me and what part I wanted to play in it. At that point, roughly lake 2014, I decided to separate my general Design work and create a dedicated travel blog. After much deliberation and shorty coming up with the name, The Roaming Renegades were born!

iMac copy

I designed, branded and built the blog as part of my M.A as well but I already knew at this point that is was so much more.

iMac copy2

Growth and development of our blog:

After finishing my M.A had more time to dedicate to the blog and travel in general. We decided that we would be heading off the travel long term and the blog played a major role in that. I was finally able to really develop the blog and learn so much more about blogging.


As time went on I made changes here and there, added things to the layout and played around as much as I could. I loved to tinker and get things right. But in the back of my mind I knew it would never look or work as I wanted it too unless I made that move over to WordPress. I had been in denial for a little while about this, even embarrassed to say I was still using blogger and took heart in the fact it didn’t look like a “blogger” blog.


It felt like in a short space of time it had gone from university project to a proper blog. I had sponsored posts, advertising, I was making a little bit of money and getting thousands of views a month. But my blog that I had spent hours playing around with HTML on, my baby, just wasn’t cutting it any more!

What blog looks like

Finally setting up the new website!

It was actually fear that topped me from making the switch for such a long time. I was afraid of basically breaking my blog and ruining everything I had worked so hard on. But after reading something Johnny for , again, OneStep4Ward, wrote about not letting pride get in your way I decided I needed to practice what I preach and do something that scared me!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 15.27.00

But who do you trust with something like this, I knew I needed help setting it up and even if I could have just about pulled it off I couldn’t risk it, not for the sake of money. I also wanted to go into this and not just replicate what I had, but make it better! So I enlisted the help of Step4Ward Media to do all the tech stuff for us!

  Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 15.30.54 Working on WordPress has been a steep learning curve, at first I was totally baffled and didn’t know were to start! There were just so many options, plugins and menus I had no idea where to start…I also, rather foolishly, thought I could go tampering with the HTML after a quick search and proceeded to lock myself out of
our account…learnt the hard way on that one! Blogger was certainly more forgiving in that respect. But now I have the hang of it I love it and love how much freedom we have to change bits here and there!
So expect bits of tinkering here and there!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 15.33.39

What do you think?

We absolutely love the new blog! It is the blog we have wanted for a long time and finally we have it!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 15.27.10

We hope that it will be easier for you to use, faster to load and better to navigate.
We love that we could keep the character of our old blog, the design and colour scheme but make it sleeker and more polished as well as adding features that we had always wanted on here!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 15.33.53

We have been up some night into the early hours designing and creating this new page, making sure old links match up and everything works! So far everything seems to be great, but if you come across any broken links or
other issues we would love to know so we can fix them!

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Nicola Hilditch-Short

Nic is one half of the Roaming Renegades, a passionate traveller, climber, adventurer, photographer and artist who has a B.A in Fine Art and M.A in Design & Art Direction.
  • Lili’s travel plans

    Woow, great to see how your blog has evolved! 🙂 I’m changing mine as we speak so I know these are exciting times!! 🙂

    • Yeah it’s crazy to look back at how far we have come. Oh, good luck with it all! 🙂

  • Nancy Pitman

    I love your new blog! For one thing it loads much faster than my slower than a snail Internet, but I also like the new look. Glad you shook off that fear and tried something new! The best of luck with your site!

    • Thank you!! Yes that was one think we were really conscious of on our old one but had no idea how to fix it! Yes, fear comes in many forms and just because you are brave enough to jump off a mountain doesn’t mean other things don’t scare you!! ha ha. Glad we took the plunge! Thank you very much!

  • Great move, everything loads so much faster than before! 😀 Love the smooth scrolling.