Back Dating…Climbing, Slacking & Skating

So to get my blog up to date and relevant I feel it is needed to back date some stuff, give some more background to the things I do and why. So I am going to be putting up a few posts over the next few days that do that. Because there is so much stuff to back date I am trying to do it in sections so then I can move forward and post as I go with most of the information I feel important is there as a backdrop. Some of the thing I am going to cover are what bands I have seen, Places I have been, previous art work and some of my interests.

So here I am going to post some images of some of the things I do. I have been skateboarding since about 2001, in all honesty these days I don’t do it as much as I would like and since it was a while since I was at my best I did’t really get many photos of some of the best stuff I did. But I plan on getting back into it over the summer, getting a new set up and trying to get back gradually to where I was. Hopefully with a few more photos. One of the main problems is time, I am so busy with everything I do but I am not so bothered about being the best as I was when I was younger and just want to get out once a week if I can and have fun, I am also convinced that, that way I will more likely progress as well!!

So Climbing, well we have been climbing for about a year and a half and it has been a massive thing in our lives, a massive change. After uni I finished playing football and wasn’t skating much, I had almost lost my drive for anything if I’m honest, I was lost and out of energy, couldn’t find a job and was quite down about life. Today I couldn’t be much more different in my out look if I tried! We finally moved out of my mums house and that in its self was quite a massive thing and it did really perk us up a lot, but again we seemed to just be working and coming home and watching TV, something we would never have though we would have been like when we were still skating. I was working at the tattoo studio and one of the other girls there was into trying new things in an effort to get fit and tried out climbing. It wasn’t something we were totally alien too as we had been to Rochdale with Lee before, so we thought, what the hell, lets try it again. I can’t even explain what that first day was like, it was just so much fun, challenging and rewarding and we never looked back, I don’t think since that day we have gone a week without climbing. At first I couldn’t walk at all after a session, but now I can climb night after night, I feel fitter, stronger and more alive! Since then we have been all over, different climbing venues indoors and out, we have met new people, got into climbing, urbexing, slacking and mountain walking. I have learnt to really embrace things that come to you and take chances, say yes and just go for something. My frame of mind is totally shifted and I can see so many good things ahead. Planning travelling, climbing trips, urbexes, highlines. It even made me realise I can do more with myself and decided to quit the tattoo studio and go back to uni and do a masters, which I couldn’t be happier with. I can see a career path for myself and have managed to realise a few dreams over the past year like going to Moscow. So onto slacklining and it seems that it belongs with the climbing. We got into it because of climbing, because we wanted to explore what else was out there that people we knew were doing and wanted to just give stuff a go. Again, slacking has given me a different outlook on things. It has given me a space to concentrate like I have never done before, almost like meditation, you have to be relaxed but alert and at one with the line, it’s like nothing I have done before. And highlining, that is another game all together, scary as shit but as Dean puts it “an ‘ed game!”. I am yet to walk a full one, but that is my aim this year. At first I thought it was impossible to even get half way across the line, now I feel so confident on it, like riding a bike it feels familiar and comfortable. It’s a strange feeling! I have met some incredible people who have given us opportunities to try new things and go new places and have been kind enough to take us with them as not having a car makes everything harder! So here are some photos! (These are all previous to ones I have already put up, so if you want to see some more up to date stuff, just search the categories at the side for more posts).